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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to grow eyelashes longer

Hey gals,

Todays topic is how to grow your lashes long and how to strengthen them.

Our poor lashes go through a lot every day. We curl them, put on mascara which stays there all day and when the day ends remove it.
All this makes our lashes week . So many times I notice some fallen lashes on the makeup remover pads when I remove my mascara even though I am super gentle while removing it.

So if we do not work on strengthening of our lashes then the whole purpose of curling them and putting on mascara is defeated.

We all use mascara because we wand long and fuller lashes. So why not use something which can accelerate its growth and make them fuller.

This remedy works for both these issues.
I know , there are products available in market for this but they are two costly plus I this is more effective way of getting long, fuller and strong lashes.

All you need is some vaseline.

It is actually a magic product. Works amazingly on lashes.

Yes, just vaseline petroleum jelly. Use the original flavour of vaseline petroleum jelly.

What you have to do is every night before you hit bed apply some vaseline on your upper and lower lashes. Coat them properly.
Be gentle while applying. Do not poke your eye .. :p

Apply it as you apply mascara .
Do not worry if a littel vaseline enters your eye . It will not irritate or anything. But do read the contents of vaseline before you do so and make sure the you are not allergic to any if it.

Vaseline will moisturise your lashes , strengthen them and increase its growth.

Repeat this process every night for a few months and you will notice the difference in the amount of lashes that fall and also in length of lashes.

I have been doing this fir around 8-9 months now and have seen a grate change in their appearance. Also I don't see any lash on the makeup removal wipes now.

Lashes make a lot of difference so we went take out two minutes and take care of them.

Hope it us helpful for you. Please let me know if you try it. It is defiantly worth giving a short.

Love ,
Pooja xoxoxo


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  4. Great tip! I never really thought about taking care of my lashes. I thought they'd do their thing on their own :D I'll definitely try Vaseline though!

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