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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Review

Heyee everyone,

Today I am going to review a product from which I had really high expectations and came out to be a complete disappointment.
Yes ,it us maybelline dream matte mousse foundation.
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This is how it looks,it have a whipped kind of consistency

So before buying it i did a lot if research as I was looking for some good foundation for my super oily and acne prone skin. In my research I found out that this particular foundation is extremely good for people with oily skin. Even the lady on the counter pushed me to buy it and I did.
It was such a big big mistake. It was one of the worst foundations that I have ever used.

No offence , I really love Maybelline and its products, i really do, but this one is just not for me.
It comes in a glass container of .64OZ. 18g for 499 INR. My color is Nude Light 4.
It has a very different texture , just like mouse and shade matches me perfectly.
But it has no coverage at all and when I try to build it, it starts looking cakey and chalky.
Though it is specially formulated for oily skin but it does nothing to control my oils. I end up looking like a grease ball after an hour of applying it. I tried to set it with powder , but it was of no help.

It has no staying power for me. It melts and makes me look weird.
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Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation swatches,it looks so weird and artificial

Pros: None

1)No coverage
2)No staying power
3)Makes me look super oily
4)Does not even set with powder
5)Looks very chalky and muddy
6)Not worth spending a single penny
7)Highlights imperfections like dry patches and open pores
8)Does not hide my acne and acne marks
9)Smells like a bowl of chemicals
19)Cannot be used with a brush

I tried using it in both summer and winters and tries to mix it with other products but it doesn't work at all.
At-least , not for me.
It is very difficult to generalize weather this is a good product or not as everyone has different skin types. But for me it was a complete waist of money.

Rating: 0

Hope this review is helpful you. Please share your experience if you have tried it.

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Pooja Mittal xoxoxo


  1. Hi Nice Review Pooja... This foundation is a total dud...I have heard lot of bad reviews about this one.. :(
    But dream liquid moussee one is awesome :)
    do visit my blog too I am running a giveaway

  2. heeyy radha,

    u have a lreally nice blog, just followd you... and this foundation, it is soooooooo bad.... hate it..
    dreams liquid moussee os goood..!!! ill try if fo sure....thaks for following...

    love xoxo

  3. Nice blog ....
    just followed you back - hope you ll do the same as well :)

    1. thanks a lot for the comment and for following me...

      just followed you girl..

      love lodes....

  4. Hello dear Pooja!
    I had to laugh out soo loud when you wrote "pros: none"
    yes it is true!
    I also have this foundation cause you know I have also this oily shiny skin
    and it does look SO cakey on my face which makes my skin look worse than
    without make up, very UNEVEN and looking like if something was wrong with my face LOL
    I so regret also buying this product cause I used it maybe 3 times
    and it ended up in a drawer where products are that I regret buying..
    but I could throw it away straight into the trash bag.

    I don't know if you read my comment I did a while ago,
    I use MAC studiofix foundation and this is the best for oily skin
    that I have bought so far. I know it is expensive but it really works for me.

    I saw from a girl on youtube that she says LOreal true match foundation
    should be also a really good foundation. I also have to try this some day.

    Lot of greetings,
    xoxo Eva


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