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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Livon Silk Potion Review

Hey doll's ,

How are y guys doing!! I am feeling so weak these days, I think I need to see a doctor.
Good thing is that I went to get my eyes tested and my eye-site is not as week as I thought.
Its +0.25 , which is not bad but my mussels are so week that I am asked to wear glasses all the time.. :(
And also I am asked to blink more.

I think I look funny, but I friends emphasized me to keep wearing them entire day on my B'day

Anyways coming to today's post. You all know how much I love my hair.
My hair have been behaving crazy these days because of very moist environment, so I decided to use something to control them.

I was thinking what should I get and suddenly thought of Livon .

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Sorry for the date time in the pic, just got a new camera and do not know how to remove it.

I have used it earlier but it did not work for me that time. I was very young and use to apply a lot of it and it made my hair very greasy.
But I still got it.
It was available at 115INR for 50ml of product.
I was a little scared because of my previous experience. I followed the instructions on the pack and used very little quantity of the product and it worked. 
I have been using this for a month now.
My hair fall reduced and i feel that my hair are much more softer.

1) Reduces hair fall.

2) makes hair softer.

3) Smoothens hair tips.

4) Reduces frizziness

5) Quite economical

6) Easily available.

7) Travel friendly packaging, it does not leak or anything.

8) No fragrance. 

1) A little heavy for my hair.

2) I makes hair oily after a day, I tried to use less quantity but still my hair look greasy and I have to wash every alternate day.

3) Does not solve the problem of hair fall completely.

4) Sticks to hands after you apply it and hands need to be washed really very well.

Though the pros are more than corns , but I still feel Livon can do a better job. I wish it did not make my hair oily and greasy after a day.

Rating : 2

I will not recommend this to people with straight and light hair. I think it will work really well for people with heavy hair. 
Sadly I have very less hair :(
If you use any other hair fluid which you really love, please do let me know.

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Love ,
Pooja Mittal


  1. youre so pretty and I love your hair :)

  2. You are so pretty Pooja!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna

  3. U look pretty n cute with specs!!

  4. I love Livon too.

    New Post Up

  5. You have an amazing hair so I know that products must work.

  6. I always use Livon even I carry a small bottle in my kitty. I have thick hair and they are always frizzy,it is very good product to tame frizzy hair :)

  7. Love the first Picture <3

    Happy Sunday xoxo

  8. True ! It does make your hair feel a lil heavy. You sould try tony & Guy's Shine serum its amazing :D
    xoxo <3

  9. Very nice pics! U look pretty! ^^

  10. Love your hair and cute bottle.

    Keep in touch.


  11. I think that I might try this out!xo
    Also, I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE

  12. hmmm, i think i'll have to try it out. i lose a lot of hair every day. great blog :)

  13. Amazing post, girl! I can't wait to see more! If you'd like to enter my giveaway, click the link below! There's a rafflecopter widget at the bottom =)

  14. You're so pretty with glasses. :)

  15. You look lovely girls!! so pretty! seems like a great product!

  16. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I have a frizzy hair so maybe it may work one my hair.

    Naaj xx

  17. You are so pretty, and you have such a beautiful hair! I feel sorry that you aren't feeling good :(

  18. Hmm...+0.25 is very low, not a big deal to wear it or not (im optician), but in any case u look fab with glasses! great choice! :)

  19. Those glasses look great on you. Love the photos. :)

    New Post

  20. You look nice in your glasses.

  21. hi dear thanks for the comment on my blog =) and thanks for sharing great review =)

  22. Hi!
    Wonderful blog! Would you like to follow each other? (GFC, bloglovin, FB)
    Please let me know, I will follow you back immediately.

  23. Pooja, ficou linda de óculos!
    Adoro seus comentários no meu bloguinho!

  24. pooja, you looks so beautiful.expect more of your wonderful new post:

  25. Aw, I hate when products make hair greasy and heavy! Boo. Thanks for the review!

  26. Thanks for the review!! We don't know this product!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  27. Nice review Pooja.. You look really pretty and cute with glasses... Do take care of your health and get well soon dear.. Hugsxx

  28. you look pretty with your glasses!
    happy monday! <3

  29. Perfect review, love your hair and hope you will be better soon!

  30. Nice review :) Even I had tried this when I was younger. Maybe I will try it again.

    You look lovely with glasses :)

  31. Obrigada pelo comentário. Uma feliz semana.

  32. Nice remedy dear! I hope u don't mind if I dont participate in ur contest, it's just I didn't find anything I really like, and I prefer the prize goes to someone that really wants it :)

    You are sooo beautiful dear!! and u look great with ur glasses! xoxo

  33. I hope that you will feel better Pooja.... I love your wonderful hair!!!!

  34. Hi doll! It took a while, but I'm back.:) I checked your giveaway but I can't enter - believe it or not, I'm not on Facebook at all (I know, I'm weird:)). I still hope you get over 100 entries, there's 171 comments already, so I'm guessing there have to be at least 100 people entering - congratulations, babe!!;)

    P.S.: Do you feel any better?? I hope you were just tired and not actually ill. But if you are - take good care of yourself, sweetie!!


  35. Hiii pooja,

    thankyou getting in touch. I have a straight and light hair and havn't used livon yet. I guess I can try once. :)

    Take care of your eyes.. you are pretty :)

    Shall go by your giveaway too.

    Would you like to follow on my personal blog? do leave me a comment.

    Tanuja :)

  36. you are very beautiful with glasses!

  37. Loved the honest review ! I didn't like Livon it made my hair look oily .... but currently I love using L'Oreal total repair 5 serum
    xoxo Shreya

  38. great post!
    I have to try this product, defo!
    you look beautiful!
    kisses x

  39. I try to stay away from these kind of products. It just makes my hair really greasy.

  40. nice photo, I like it!

  41. This livon didn't work for my hair Nice pictures dear :)

  42. you are very beautiful!Those glasses look great on you.

  43. hey I've nominated you for the liebster blogger award xx

  44. great post! would you like to follow eachother? Let me know I will follow back as always!

  45. Nice review!!!
    Have a good week! and my g+ for your post too!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  46. Adorei a resenha, que dica legal! Será que se encontra o produtos aqui no Brasil? rsrs.. beijos

  47. Nice review!!! Still, I don't know if there is to buy here! kisses

  48. Hope you feel better now and it was not necessary to visit the doctor! And btw I like you with this glasses :)

    Regarding your hair - for me it´s an wonder and I think not even this product can help me with my hair ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  49. I haven't seen Livon in any catalan shop! I'll ask for get one bottle! Kisses!

  50. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, the details are on my blog:)

  51. You know I love your hair. Great post. My hair is really thin so this could also be too heavy. Hope you feel better soon.

  52. Nice review!!! and you look super super pretty!!!♥

  53. I don't really have frizzy hair, but it sounds like this is a decent frizz control. Looking forward to more hair product reviews.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  54. I have long fine hair. It is to my waist now. I was having problems with it looking icky, but I don't want to cut it. I tried a lot of different brand name stuff. It looked like a witch wig lol. Then I got some VO 5 for Split Ends shampoo and conditioner, $1 a bottle. My hair looks great. Isn't that something, the old fashioned brand worked when the much more expensive stuff didn't.

  55. You still look pretty with the glasses on :) Hope you get well soon dear!

    REAlity Bites

  56. Beautiful photos!


    Big Kiss ;*

  57. Seriously think the glasses look awesome!!! Don't be discouraged. You chose such an awesome pair too! Rock them lady!! ;)

  58. I have only +0.5 on eye-site! Cool specs but I like small ones.

  59. I like your glasses, you have wonderful hair:)



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