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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Save Money While Shopping Online with Couponia

Hey sweeties,

So most of us spend a lot of time online. We are always looking for latest trends and when we know whats hot we start looking for online shops to buy them. 
Once we have clothes, we look for marching shoes , jewelry and the list is endless. 
Now a days so many of us buy groceries also online.

On all these online shops , we spend a lot of money. So some genius invented coupon websites , to help us save some.

Today I am going to introduce one such website, . Its a website that provides discount coupons and vouchers to all the major online shopping website in India.

They have international websites too:
Brazil :
Spain : QuéCupó
Turkey :

The access and use of coupons and their codes is absolutely free , you don't need to register or anything.
All you need to do is search what or which shop from you want, get code and use it. Easy right. :)

The categorization is very clear and covers everything. From food , fashion, jewelry , beauty , pets .

They even have discount coupons for big expensive things like furniture , camera etc.. I feel like a fool , just bought a new camera, why the hell I did not think of buying it on discounted price with their coupons.

If you want to go on a vacation you can get discount coupons for that as well. Book hotels , tickets and everything on discounted prices using their vouchers. 

If I talk about the online website they are associated with then they are with all the major one like,, make my trip, myntra , Fashion and You , Flipkart and so many others who I dint knew about.

When I use a coupon and save some money I get super excited as if I have won a battle.  I think most of girls are like that, we like discount coupons.

If you love shopping online then you must check out . You can get discounts and buy more things in same amount of money.

Hope this post is useful for you.

I am so sorry for reminding you again and again and eating your head but I would Love if you enter my
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Only few days left and I need a few more entries.
Thanks a bunch to all those who have  already entered.

Pooja Mittal


  1. I always look for coupon codes to use when I shop online. They really do help with discounts.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  2. I Love coupon always try to safe money the best that I can online thanks doll.

  3. This is great, thanks for sharing. :)

    Keep in touch,
    New Post

  4. Awesome tips! Check out my new blog...

  5. Thank you for the tipps Pooja, I like the red dress, so cute:)



  6. really great idea, i love the white dress.
    thank you for sharing :)

  7. Oo, I might check this out, thanks for sharing.

    P.S. are we following each other on facebook yet?


  8. Thank you for sharing! It's great post:-)

  9. Wow so generous of you for sharing. Is this only in India? :) I'm glad that you're really able to save with this.

    REAlity Bites

  10. Sounds great must check it out x

  11. this cupon webs are so useful¡¡ Thanks for this info¡¡

  12. This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing it.

    Definitely following! x

  13. Thanks for sharing :)

    New Post Up:


  14. Of course any amount we save from shopping online is worth.

  15. Very interesting... Thanks for sharing!

  16. oh great I didnt knw about this website, will surely check it out

  17. Very useful tips! Thanks! ^^

  18. It is always good to have some discount!!

  19. I love discount, i never heard about this one before. Good to know.Thanks!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing, I do love a good discount site!

    Corinne x

  21. yeah that is quite same with Malaysia with abundant of such coupon websites


  22. Ja conheço e acho bem bacana, porém nunca fiz uso.. compro pouco pela internet! :/ rs.. beijos

  23. Yes, that really cool... Thanks for sharing Pooja. I will use when i purchase anything online.

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  25. I usually try to find online coupons to work with after i shop online. They really do helps to get discounts. If any one wants all latest discount coupons and deals then try this website: because this website has all latest deals and coupon codes which helps us to get discount on online shopping. I used this website so many time and my lots money saved because of Priceburp.


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