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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shopping Therapy

Hey peps,

Today I am going to talk about mouthing unusual , just about how medicinal shopping is for girls, well for me atleast.

If I am a depressed or ill one thing that instantly cheers me up is shopping or window shopping. 
If I am angry , looking at online stores calms me down and I get back to what I was doing easily.
And my latest therapist is
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This past day I got ready to go out and take some pics but traffic was so bad that I just couldn't , obviously I got frustrated and couldn't even consent rate on other things . To lift my spirits up I checked out Mignon Mignon a Chinese online store with great selection of clothes , shoes and  bags and accessories , I must say they did a very good job in cheering me up .

Landing on their home page one this that caught my attention was metallic bags , loved them .

As always the first place I wanted to visit was shoes section but I decides to go check out some woollens first and I liked what I saw.

Next was my beloved shoes and they have quite impressive shoes to match everybody's taste .

It's quite cold already and thinking about December and January , which are the coldest months , I get so irritated, need to prepare in advance.
So some comfy leggings are must . 
Talking about cold , how can I forget to check out some scarfs , hats and other sute little accessories .

I must say my therapist Mignon Mignon did a great job  lifting my spirit up with their beautiful collection.

There are one thing that I loved about Mignon Mignon , first is that they have a Fashion section where one can look clothes according to latest trends.

If you are in such bad mood and want to cheer yourself up or are looking for some stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe , do check out Mignon Mignon.

Thanks a bunch for your time.

Pooja Mittal


  1. Amazing!:)

    1. Cool selection!

      Kisses from
      Today I show you my last NEW INs.....realted with my hair care! You can't miss it

  2. Will check out their site, scarf and belt looks good.

  3. great :)

  4. Good post!!the orange coat is very nice!!

    xoxo Francesca

  5. wow, that plastic bags are so cool! ;D



  6. great ! ;D

  7. Great photos <3
    Check out my latest outfit post :)

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

    xx Sofie

  8. Realmente fazer compras é tudo de bom !!!! beijão e obrigada pelo carinho . ke .

  9. OMG!!! i love this store!!!they have so many gorgeous things!!

  10. Haha, yay for me its the same. When I feel bad window-shopping is the best :)
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your last comment - they always make me happy!

  11. The bags are so awesome and so are the shoes!!
    Glitter And Blush

  12. i have the same bag - pink. I like it!

  13. I love the metallic bags, especially the green one... Oooo and the green shoes are amazing :)

  14. stuff looks really nice...vl check this out!

  15. Beautiful pieces!! I love the leggings!!


  16. Shopping is the only nice medecin that I know! Transparen bags are lovely! Kisses Pooja!

  17. OMG, they really have great stuff!

    Please, shopping therapy is the best. It always helps and gets us in a good mood :) and it makes us look better ;)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  18. La verdad querida amiga, que cuando estoy mal, y salgo de compras mejoro muchisimo jejeje. Mil besicos preciosa

  19. Hi sweety :) WOW this website is so fantastic :) thanks for sharing with us
    Have an amazing sunday
    Kiss Clo

  20. Amazing post! I love the bags and the shoes!

  21. Window shopping is definitely not for me because I simply can't resist the temptation of spending. Yet I am loving everything I see especially the metallic handbags.

  22. Beautiful collection!! We nominate your blog with a Versatile award!! Stop by. XOXOXO

  23. nice :)
    Do you wanna follow me ? --->
    Kisses from Poland :*

  24. Those transparent bags are gorgeous, and i'm loving the wintery stuff! xx

  25. Lots of really pretty stuff. I love a shopping therapy too. Thanks for sharing. I have visit there website to see more.

    Thanks for stopping. Always a pleasure.

  26. Really I love shopping therapy <3

  27. I love their shoe collections! Thanks for sharing dear and have a good Sunday!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  28. Love Mignon store :)

    New Post Up:

  29. hahaha... very funny... medicinal shopping... after checking the site I can understand u more... it has just amazing stuff!
    ¡Sigue así!
    Follow (if u like):

  30. This is truly appreciative for girls and I must say I just love all the stuffs.Good work Rabbit Skins Wholesale

  31. Sounds interesting!!

  32. Amazing shoes collection!!!!
    Love, love, love!!!!!

  33. so envious!!!
    amazing collection!!

  34. I think I've found out how to defeat depression & bad mood thanks to this post! :) really interesting, I'll follow you with great pleasure dear :) would you like to follow each other via GFC? My blog is Red Velvet :)
    Have a nice day!

  35. Que bonitos los bolsos!!

  36. beautiful things!

  37. great post dear, love the neon shoes

  38. This will cure any shopaholic lol.

  39. I have never seen these types of leggings. Looks amazing.

  40. I love the metallic bags, especially the pink one and I have never seen these types of leggings. Looks fabulous.
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