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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nail Care Tips

Hey dolls,

I am coming to you from my car today, was out of town for 2 days to attend a wedding , so if there are some errors in this post, please bear with me.

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So I was painting my nails to match my outfit and I realised that I have not shared nail care tips . 

Here are some basic nail care tips that I have learned and have benefited from them.

1) Always file your nails in one direction , not back and forth. This was most difficult for me to absorb.

2)  Do not use a metal filer.

3) Let your nail go without nail paint for 2 days before applying it again.

4) Do not bite your nails. I use do do this a lot but my mum told that its believed in Indian culture that if you night your nails you will loose all money, since then no biting nails.

5) Avoid applying nail paint on cuticles.

6) Avoid using acetone nail paint remover.

7) Every once in a while apply some lemon juice on nails to strengthen nails.
8) Always use a hand cream or moisturiser which contains vitamin E.

These tips will improve and strength your nails in wrong run. 

Hope you find these useful.

Pooja Mittal 


  1. Great post Pooja, I hope you had lots of fun at the wedding :)

    1. Thanks for these tips.

      Kisses from

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  2. I think that your beauty tips are even more complete now with this post ;)
    Great and useful as always, dear :)

  3. great post;d

  4. Lovely post. Lemon juice sounds like a really good idea. I will give a shot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the color Pooja, thank you for your post:)



  6. Thaks for the tips. but what can I use instead of acetone?

    we can follow each other! ;)

  7. Yayyyy great post.. :) The lemon juice trick is something new for me... Will try that out..

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  8. useful tips indeed, Pooja.. good share.. :)

  9. Great post Pooja!!!
    have a nice week, dear

  10. great nail color!!!

    XOXO Sandl

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  11. Great tips! Beautiful nail colour!
    Hope u enjoyed the wedding!

  12. Nice tips!

    It will mean a lot if you could check my blog and maybe follow me if you like ?!


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  13. Nice and different post! I also won't bite nails now after knowing the money issue.... :P
    Let's talk about everything

  14. Hey dear Pooja!
    Great post, I did not know that it is better just to file in one direction,
    I also always go back and forth, I have to quit with it!
    Wish you a nice remaining sunday!
    My rash is gone now thank god!
    Lot of greetings,

  15. Hi Pooja, great nail color and lovely tips.
    Have a great week.Dusana :-)

  16. Pooja, thank you so much for these tips! It's very useful to know)))
    Have a nice week))))

  17. Hi dear Pooja!
    Great tips! Best wishes!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna

  18. These are great tips! I'm definitely guilty of never letting my nails breathe between manicures, I have to get better at that.

  19. Great tip but somehow I'm skeptical over biting nails and the so called believe which has been drilled into our heads.

  20. I love the color of your polish. Perfect shade of red!

  21. Great post :)

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  22. Totally agree, it so difficult to file nails in one direction

  23. Great post!

  24. So perfect tips my darlin <3
    Loads of kisses


  25. Perfect!!! Really nice colour, I love it!!!

    Great post,darling!!!

    Keep in touch

  26. thanks a lot for your helpful tips!


  27. wonderful tips sis, thanks for sharing...

  28. thanks for sharing your tips!!
    I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?
    following you already:)

  29. Great post! Lovely nail polish colour! One of my favourites! Kisses!

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