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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bed in a Bag on Beddinginn

Hey Sweeties,

Bedroom plays such an important role, don't you think so. No naughty thoughts , I am talking about the relaxation that we get there. We must try to make it the best the corner of the house. Don't you worry, bed in a bag on beddinginn is there to help you.

Arrival Elegant Rose Draped Patterns 3-piece Bed in a Bag Sets Item Code: 10875083

So as I was saying , after a long hectic day when we go in bedroom, we must feel the comfort and ease.when we lay on the bed it must feel soft as fur and comfortable as mom's arms. For this your bedding sets play the most important role.

New Arrival Noble Green Floral Figures 3-Piece Bed in a Bag Sets Item Code: 10851882

New Arrival Elegant Light Blue Floral Patterns 3-piece Bed in a Bag Sets Item Code: 10875096

The bedding sets on beddinginn serve dual purpose , it's great to look at and super high quality to add the comfort benefit. If you are on a look out to change the look of your bedroom to fun floral print bedding to some subtle cosy patterns ones then check out the bed in bag on beddinginn, they have tones of winter style bedding sets.

New Arrival Beautiful Green Drapes Patterns 3-piece Bed in a Bag Sets Item Code: 10874834
European Style Reactive Print Bed in a Bag Sets Item Code: 10961578

There are so many pretty colors, patterns , designs to choose from. Weather you want a calm theme or a fun decor in your room, it's all available. I wish I could get it all. You must check out Bed in a Bag Queen on

These covers instantly change the look and feel of the room.  Oh yes, they have  sale going on , so its a plus.

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  1. Love the collection of amazing looks! ...Thx for sharing..:-)

  2. Great! I follow your blog, your turn

  3. i like these beds..the first and the second are fab

  4. They are so pretty, love the last one ;) xoxo

  5. My bedroom is by far my most favourite room, and I love all these duvets, want them all!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. LOVE the last one and the gray appliqué one too!

  7. love all the beddings. thanks for the visit =) new post in my blog

  8. They all look amazing!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  9. The last one is so cute, thank you for the wonderful post Pooja:)



  10. I love the first and second photos. They look great :-)

  11. i want to jump up and down on those beddings. lol! :)

  12. Just what I needed! I'm thinking about changing my bedding and I'm going to start looking at these ;)

  13. Super nice sheets for a super sleeping. Looks so comforting.

  14. Beddings are absolutely very important and these are so gorgeous!

  15. yes, i need of these for the winter :)

  16. lovely post! lovely beds!!!!! love beds jajajaja


  17. Love picking up new bedding, just treated myself to two new sets and a new duvet as the weather is getting so cold here in the U.K.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  18. Hahaha naughty thoughts made me laugh :) So excited we're gonna be meeting soon! yay! xx
    June Wants It All

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