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Monday, January 19, 2015

Benefits of oily skin

Hey Sweeties,

As people say , you must appreciate what you have rather than complaining. So today I am going to do exactly that.
I have super oily skin , or I should say as oily as the skin can get and I always cry thinking about it . But today I am going to tell you the benefits of having oily skin. Yes, for real , oily skin does have benefits so let's see that they are:

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1) Oily skin tans faster and evenly

2) People with oily skin have more softer skin. As we age, The skin remains soft for a longer period of time as comes to other skin types

3) In People with oily skin type the signs of ageing like wrinkles , fine lines and others appear late. The oil on skin helps in delaying the ageing process

4) Oily skin camouflaged fine lines and wrinkles .

5) The layer of oil on skin helps foundation to spread evenly

6) The natural moisturiser on face give a healthy glow without spending money on a hilighiter

Isn't is releasing to read that the disco ball type skin actually has some benefits attached to it :)
Well if you are a oily combo skin girl like me that you would agree that we girls totally deserve something in return of the pain our facial oils cause us.

Hope the benefits of having oily skin made you as happy as they made me .


  1. I used to have only skin but now I occasionally have problems with dry skin and I must's much better to have oily than dry skin. Now that my skin type is mixed, I really miss my oily skin:)

  2. Oily skin had to have something good, apart from acne...

  3. I have dry skin unfortunately, I prefer to have oily skin because there is more benefit.

  4. Honey, you are sooo sooo sooo beautiful!!
    Yeah, oily skin can be good, because you don't get wrinkles too quick!
    Unfortunatly I have very dry skin, only my nose is no wrinkles on my nose *yeah* :)
    Nice post!!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  5. My skin tends to be oily as well, and yes it has its benefits :)) xx

  6. Thanks for sharing

  7. Interesting post, Pooja. I have combination skin.

  8. Aw this was so interesting, not many posts like this I really like them. I have dry skin though xx

    Dalal |

  9. Although I don't like my oily skin now, it seems there are a lot of perks later in life!

  10. I never knew oily skin can have benefits. I'm glad I read you're article.

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