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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Home Made Facial Bleach For Glowing Skin

Hey Sweeties,

For first Home Remedy of 2015 I though why not go for something that we all want , glowing skin. I don't think there is anybody who will not like fresh looking and clear skin. So many people like to use face bleach but do you know how harmful it is to use them . So I thought why not make a Home Made Face Bleach
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This Face bleach is all natural with all the ingredients from your kitchen . Its works very well to lighten the pimple and acne scars, clear complexion by removing tan and evens out the skin tone.

Watch my video or just keep reading

To make it you need :

1) Tomato
2) Potato

So let get started:

1) Start by juicing Tomato and Potato
2) In a bowl mix equal quantities of juices together , I used 1 tbsp each.
3) Apply it on freshly washed clean face .
4) Let it sit on face for 10 min and wash off.

This will remove dirt , stains and marks on the skin . This All Natural Face Bleach will whiten skin tone, reduce uneven skin tone and makes skin look bright .

In addition this Home Made Face Bleach will work on active acne and pimples too .

Hope this was helpful.

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  1. Great..thanks for sharing!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. i want to try to make it

  3. Such a great beauty remedy! Hope your new year is going fantastic!

  4. We're back from skiing Pooja - Thank you for the helpful post:)



  5. Looks really interesting...Happy New Year xx

  6. A must try for a glowing skin.

  7. You should really write a book with all your tips! ;)

  8. Great facial mask! Thanks for recipe!

    My last post: Lucky red

    Shopping Girls

  9. Seriously?! All you need is tomatoes and potatoes?! That's amazing!!!

    I've got three scars on my chin from demon pimples - I am DEFINITELY giving this a bash! Thanks Pooja!! xxx


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