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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Letter To Women

Hey My Lovely Ladies,

As its our day toady , International Women's day , Its time we appreciate , inspire and cherish all the fellow women, after all we are the ones who give worth to a new life and also make the life worth living. So today On this very special occasion Schwarzkopf has come with with a really interesting contest called #LetterToWomen where you can win a Schwarzkopf Gift Hamper.

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The rules are simple :

1) The participants need to like our page. Here is the link  &

2) Register on our #LetterToWomen Facebook App (i.e. the microsite

3) Leave a Special Message for her. And we’ll surprise her with a gift and a personal message with a greeting card on your behalf

4) Participants need to use #LetterToWomen & #WinSchwarzkopfHamper in their letter

Schwarzkopf Professional will select a winner and give them Schwarzkopf Professional’s gift hamperRegister. Thank Her. Get Gift Hamper!

The contest is open for a really short time from 11am 8th March-8 Pm 8th March.
Just a few hours guys, so hurry up.

And Dont forget to pat your back for bring so Amazing, Happy Womens Day .


  1. This is a nice contest. I will make sure to check it out.
    Hope you're doing good Pooja.
    -Rupsha | Blog-Lovesicklilac | Twitter-b_rupsha

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is a beautiful idea for women's day! Rebecca | xx

  3. Hail to all the women out there. And best of luck to the winner.

  4. Done :) hoping to get lucky ..
    Commented on Facebook as 'Riti drinsomniac'
    Registered with email '
    Tweeted as @drinsomniac
    Happy women's day to all Beauties out here :)

  5. Great post Pooja:)

    Have a huge next week!




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