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Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality

Hey Sweeties,

Please don't laugh reading the title of the post, well go ahead have have a quick laugh. Do you know how I though of this topic. All my life I have been sleeping on my stomach and I am blessed with super deep sleep, even if someone beats drums on my head I will not wakeup. But from last 2-3 weeks I am sleeping in a weird way with head handing down and get up with a headache.

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So this headache literally spoils the day and I had enough. So started researching , got the the answer to the issue, I was stressed. But then Came to my my why I always get good sleep only when I sleep on stomach, why different people have different sleeping positions !!

And here is what sleeping positions say about a persons personality :

1) Sleeping on Belly: so let's start which the way I sleep. This sleeping style is common among stubborn people. Well, what can I say, I agree I am Stubborn. It is said that stubborn people sleep on their belly in order to prevent from moving to the sides while they are asleep, we want to be the master even when sleeping.

2) Head over the edge : some people find themselves with their heads over the edge and get a headache in morning and this is what is happening to me these days. It is said that sleeping in such a style is the trait of people who want to escape from the tasks they have to do in morning .

3) Sleeping on back : This sleeping style shows that the person is brave. Courageous people sleep on their back with their head facing ceiling.

4) Moving a lot while sleeping : It is believed that a person who is satisfied with his life moves very little in bed. A person who moves a lot is the person who wants to change their lives for betterment.

5) Covering your face : Some people sleep with their face covered with sheet. This sleeping style is associated with personality style such as cowardliness and lack of courage. Such people want to hide from their problems.

6) Sleeping on your right side: Sleeping on your side indicates balanced personality. Sleeping on the right side of body is considered much more healthier because it allows proper alignment of organs.

Aren't these fun. I am Not saying that believed in them but if I see my sleeping on the stomach and with head hanging, I have to agree with the personality traits associated with it.

So what does your sleeping style say about your personality


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