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Monday, April 27, 2015

All About Balayage Ombre

Hello My Loves,

Yesterday you saw my hair transformation and I am so happy that every single person liked it. Even the people I ma meeting are giving such nice feedback on color and the way its done. Balayage Ombre is is hot summer trend in hair color . It is the best hair color technique if you want a hair makeover but are scared of going all out with global.

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Balayage Ombre in my opinion is is the best hair color technique for indian skinton , f you want light hair for summer then this style gives you that without overdoing it.
Best part is roots are not colored do no frequent touchoups required and less chance of hair damage. ombre gives a clean straight line of where color starts, this technique looks so natural as color gradually goes from dark to light.

Now I am going to leave you the hair expert Najeeb- Ul-Rehma on more info on what Balayage Ombre is , ho to choos color and how looks good in balayage ombre .

Ombre hair is the light version of dip dyed hair. Instead of the abrupt colour change about midway between roots and ends, ombre or shaded hair gradually transitions from darker to lighter shades and values of the same hue/tone.

Starting at ear level, ombre hair colour usually changes from dark to lighter shades at the hair ends. Often the hair closer to the head shows darker shades of brunette or dark blonde, while the hair gradually and softly turns lighter toward the ends.

Who Looks Good with Ombre Hair?
Ombre hair looks quite natural and therefore suits most women and styles, especially since the shades may include the natural hair colour. Due to the natural look, the colour needs a touch-up only every three or four months, which makes wearing ombre hair fairly convenient.
The lighter ends of ombre hair look as if they were bleached by the summer sun (sun-kissed) and therefore the look conjures up the glorious days of summer and endless fun at the beach.

Suitable Hairstyles for Ombre Hair
For updossemi-updos, and chignons ombre hair displays its full charm when you allow individual strands of hair "escape" the otherwise very structured hairdo.

What Color To choose
Typically, you will want to choose a hair color that is only three to four shades lighter than your natural hair color. Too few shades lighter will not create much variation and may not be noticeable. Going too much lighter might be too stark a contrast, however.

Ombré technique
Use 3 shades dark /medium / light ( eg 5-65 roots , 7-65 as medium / vario blond lightener for hi lite)

Step 1:  Apply the darkest shade on the roots 1inch - 1 1/2 inch over all

Step 2:  Isolate a diamond section at the crown

Step 3:  Divide the rest of the underneath hair into 4 section from the points of the diamond.

Step 4: Start at the nape ,take horizontal section & texture weave it

Apply the medium shade at the lower left over hair n put it in a mesh
Apply the light shade / lightener and hi lite the texture weave

Follow the same on all 4 sections

Step 5: Apply the medium shade over the lengths and ends of the diamond section.

For more information contact
Canvas Salon
Asma Najeeb
K-1 Royal Arcade, Jaipuria Market
Canvas Salon Facebook Page

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  1. Ah, hair envy! ;)

  2. Very pretty hair, dear! Really love the color! :)
    Great blog, would be great if you'd check out mine, too.

    Hope to keep in touch, Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

  3. I love it! Your hair is so pretty and this color is gorgeous on you! Perfect coloring for summer!

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