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Saturday, May 16, 2015

10 Superfoods to Beat The Summer Heat

Hello My Sugar Cookies,

Summer is at its peak and no matter how much I crip that it's buying outside, I am loving every second of the warm days. But the question is how to make the most of the beautiful weather and how to keep yourself cool during summers.
So here are 10 superfoods to keep you cool during summers

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1) Mango:  Yes, the king of fruits has a soothing and cooling effect that keeps one energised. Mango's have Vitamin A , C and E that are essential to maintain good health.
Add them in any foam just make sure to soak them for few hours before consuming.

2) Watermelon : Oh ya, just keep snacking on them, they keep the body hydrated , memory sharp and mood suitable.
Do you know 92% of their weight comes from water.

3) Coconut Water: It's one is the most important food for summer dats. Coconut water is Packard with simple sugar, electrolytes and minerals help replenish hydration level and can aid in loosing weight as it's low in fat, cholesterol and chlorides.
Thankfully its easily available.

4) Squash : Not a big fan of this vegetable but my mum makes me eat it every week almost. Better known as Tinda in India , it's a great source of antioxidant vitamins C and A. It keeps insulin metabolism and blood sugar level in balance.

5) Yogurt or Curd : It helps in cooling the body and helps disperse body heat. It has Protin, calcium and beneficial bacteria that ensures smooth functioning of digestive system, boosts immunity and prevents yeasts infection.
I love eating both yogurt and curd, can't really imagine a meal with a big bowl of home made curd.

6) Cucumber : As they have high content of water, they keep body cool and refreshed. It helps with poor digestion . Cucumber also has vitamin C that protects skin from UV rays, prevents wrinkles and sun damage.
Thought I am kind of allergic to them but you must include them in your daily meals.

7) Buttermilk : Ahhh, how much I love it and good to know how beneficial it is for body. Buttermilk has electrolytes and lots of water that helps re-hydrate the body. It calms the stomach after spicy meal , helps in situation of sweating, tiredness and muscle pain .
A glass of butter milk everyday is must .

8) Sweet Lime : Sweet lime best tee known as mosambi in India is not only delicious but also held you regain water and electrodes lost fur to summer sweating.
It is packed with vitamin C, Copper and iron which help with digestion.
Sweet lime also prevents skin hyper pigmentation, black spots and pimples.

9) Corn: Super happy to know that one of my fav things to snack also has health benefits . It has lutein and zeaxanthin that protects against UV Rays . It gives body energy and vitamin B in it lowers stress.

10) Tomato : Lastly something that I hate to eat raw but still get a good quantity of it in cooked veggies, Tomato's.
A tomato has 95% water and keeps body hydrated. They have antioxidant properties that protect skin from UV rays.
Tomato's have potassium, folate, dietary fibers, manganese , magnesium, niacin and Vitamins B6,C, A, K and E.

Guys weather you like or not , try to include these summer superfoods in your daily diet to keep healthy and fit.

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