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Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Handle General Health Problems

Hey Everyday,

As they say, problems will follow till life exists. I guess now we can replace the world problems with health issues. Don't you think the frequency of general health ailments per person have increased tremendously.

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Yes,we can blame it on the modern lifestyle and alarming levels  of pollution specially when we hail from a city like Delhi, if we  want to,but it does not help.Does it?Almost every second day a person has a fever . A slight change in weather and all of us are seen with the giant size handkerchiefs and even nothing can cause allergies.
Gone is the time when old people use to complain about pain in knee and feet , these days even small kids have these issue. I won't go far, even I have cervical . Medical practitioners in Delhi always come to my rescue.

For General Heath ailment, medical practitioners in Delhi can step up and solve all the issues that keep coming up to disturb your daily life but don't forget prevention is always  better than cure.

Let's blame the lifestyle, pollution and adulteration. But these things are not completely in our control but what we can do is prevention by taking healthy meals, working out on regular basis, not spending hours in front of laptops and keeping a check on hygiene.

But as I said, it's not completely in our control to protect against them. The contaminated water, injected food and other envious entail conditions can still effect. So it's better to be prepared and have details of the doctors around.

Delhi has a huge pool of doctors, it's quite overwhelming to save the entire data, so it's always a good idea to keep list of general practitioners in Delhi around your house.

A lot of us try to treat our health issues, It can be serious when it comes to one's health It is good that you know a skill but only if you know it fully.Half knowledge is believed to be even more dangerous.What I believe is Investing on health is the best investment you can ever make.Do not be your own doctor , visit a Doctor.

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  1. Thank you for the useful post Pooja:)



  2. looking nice..........
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  3. thanks for shairing this with us

  4. Lots of useful information dear...hope you have a great weekend :) x

  5. This is definitely a very important topic and although I'm too too far away from your city, I'm glad you spoke about it :)

  6. one of my biggest issus is that I hate hospital :(
    but I know it's not right :(

  7. I agree! A doctor can detect something serious a lot faster than us - for a cold or flu I don't think it's always necessary to pay doctor fees and put anti-biotics in your system but if it doesn't get better or IS serious then go to a professional :)

    I'm doing a sort of poll thing on my blog - asking everyone to answer a question - I'd love to have your opinion too :) It's relating to my wedding day :)

  8. Great post.. I also hate going to hospital.. and healthy lifestyle is the key.
    totally agreed on your post..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  9. Sounds good, it is very true and important to have a professional you can trust. I have never liked any doctors for years until last year or so when I found a really good one I can talk to about anything, so amazing!

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