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Friday, August 21, 2015

Choosing a Perfect L’Oréal Lipstick


What happens when girls spend all day trying on red lipsticks? You guessed it: a lot of pouting, a lot of selfies, and a whole lot of opinions. Well, nothing can change that worldwide. But we researched a little bit and found out what lipstick shades would be recommended for the normal fairish skin. Finally, it has been concluded that one can buy the various shades of the most celebrated red collection of Loreal lipstick from Nykaa and that there are six shades that unmistakably can be worn as per the occasion.
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Red is an extremely fashionable colour and looks great on fair skin. It gives a bold, elegant look to the women with pinkish or rosy hues. Experimentation is required with the texture. Stains like the bitten lipsticks are very popular these days. Even starlets like Sonam Kapoor have been seen sporting the red lipstick. For an inclusive look, outline the lips with a red lipliner.

This one is one of my much-loved lipstick shades for our Indian skin. It is a more pinkish version and is perfect for a night out. If you are going for a little less vivacity than rich red, this is the colour for you.

This is a flirty, playful and feminine colour and doesn’t necessitate much adornment. The greatest part is that it can be worn during daytime too. To preserve your lip colour stick on a 24-hour lipstick. Complimenting lip liners guarantee that lipsticks don’t bleed. I always like to slick on a nude lip gloss to give a sparkly look for a night out.

Orange - This is a playful colour and suits young girls mainly. Once in a while, it is good to get daring and look beyond the predictable colours.

Orange has been the in fashion colour this year. For a clean look pair it with nude eyes. If you want to up the stake, you can add on Goth eye makeup.

Although tiny winy warning for you, if not worn with the right outfit it may turn out to be a complete disaster. So in the case of orange lipstick less is unquestionably more.

Peach is a great colour for daily wear. You can wear it to office and add some lip gloss for a party look. It’s perfect for summers. Pair this look with nude eyes for a bright summery look. It is not on the bolder side but can still make your lips looks attractive.

Coral Pink In Matte:

Here is another lipstick which is great for a daily look. The colour isn’t too daring; it would make your eyes stand out and give them an entity of their own. It also gives you an absolutely natural look.

These shades also are known to suit Indian women, especially those who have fair skin.

A small amount of tips on choosing the right shade that works for you

1) Attempt out lipsticks in vivid light

2) Choose for plain eye makeup with bright lip colours. Dramatic eye makeup with vivid lips will look overdone.

3) While deciding shades don’t mix and match. Clean one shade off and then apply the second shade


  1. Matte is always a goood choice!

    xoxo, Colli

  2. Gosh!!! Tempting shades. If possible would love to try all of it.

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

  4. Great post. I like matte lipsticks.

  5. Beautiful lip colors!

  6. I love all those lips color and Matte lipstick always good for daily! <3


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