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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Workplace Wardrobe Mistakes-How To Look Professional

Hello Everybody,

No matter what office dress code you have to follow, there are some basic mistakes many people still tend to do. To help you out and to let you avoid making the same mistakes, here is the short list of it all. Read it thoroughly and find out what you were doing wrong the whole time and how to fix it. 
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Wearing funny or statement t-shirts
I know it is funny and it shows your personality perfectly. But in some offices it is inappropriate to wear such t-shirts. Especially if the language on it is strong, vulgar or just plain silly. Imagine a situation then you are having a hugely important meeting. Everyone is wearing black suits and looks serious and here you come with a t-shirt that says something like “Suck My Richard”. That is really inappropriate and not the right place nor time too. So better leave these funny shirts for your weekends and show your amazing sense of humor or personality elsewhere than an office.

Wearing weekend’s clothing
Since we started to talk about the weekend, you need to make a strong line what is your work clothing, at what is your professional wardrobe. Forget about wearing shorts, summer dresses or those funny t-shirts we talked about before. It is only appropriate ON the weekend and not BEFORE it (Thursdays and Fridays are workdays so you can’t wear any of it at these days too). And even if your office supports casual Friday, still avoid any clothing you wish to wear while watching TV at home, or even worse – hiking. Furthermore, now you can do it all with much smaller spendings! Take a look at these Target coupons from These will definitely let you shop for either your professional clothing and for weekends outfits too. So really, create an absolutely different wardrobe for work and always be sure to look professional at work.

Wearing clothing that is not your office dress code appropriate
If your whole workplace wears black or blue suits and you think that it is ok to wear your jeans to work – you are doing a big mistake right away. Every single company interprets "business casual" or "summer casual" differently, based upon the company culture and work environment. And you need to do the research (or just ask) what kind of dress code your office supports. Look for clues from senior management, to get the idea how to dress. If you are still questioning your outfit, talk to your HR department first before you wear it to the office and you will never miss the shot! 

Wearing clothing that shows too much skin

This especially goes for women of all ages. Miniskirts, all shorts, in general, deep v-necks and short summer dresses are OK if you are going on vacation, but it is never OK to wear it at work. Also, forget about spaghetti straps on everything. Showing your shoulders are not acceptable in every work environment, I can guarantee you. Not to mention strapless tops or dresses. That is just plain wrong. In the bottom line, think of a workplace as a church or temple (in a way, of course). There you can’t show too much skin or being sexual. The same goes for offices too. Let your brain show who you are, not your cleavage or naked legs. And just never, never show your bra. Ever!

If you are looking for Men Styling Guide then I do have that too.

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  1. I love monochrome outfits for work and seems like this site has some amazing picks. I'll surely check them out.

    Chaicy recently posted.. Toni&Guy Review

  2. It is very important to get it right for the office. I feel so lucky that I can wear anything to my work, just wear all my normal clothes that I show on my blog. Hahahaha suck my richard made me laugh.

  3. Love the outfit & video :)

  4. Fun and very reasonable tips!

  5. This has been fun and useful to read :) Although I don't work from an actual office, I totally miss that part but only when it comes to clothing :D

  6. Great tips Pooja!
    The right clothing is very important for work! :)

  7. very informative post. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Nice outfit!!! and great tips!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. You are right with the dress code in office... we can show style anywhere but the work and education environment seek dignity.

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