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Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Clean Leather Shoes

Hello Loves,

Who doesn’t love having beautiful leather shoes? Wearing vintage brown boots or shiny black killer heels is a guaranteed fashion win in this material … until it gets damaged.

To make sure your leather shoes always look stunning, a little bit of maintenance is required. Here are some top tips on how to clean leather shoes.

Remove dirt from leather shoes
First things first, it’s important to remove any dirt that is clearly visible on the shoe. Do this with a soft brush using a circular movement on the surface. If the shoes have any detailing such as stitches or a buckle try using a toothbrush to get inside all the little nooks and crannies. With especially muddy boots (after a romantic country walk, perhaps…) it’s best to do this outside so you don’t get mud all over the carpet.

Rub down the leather
Once the dirt has been removed, use a clean cloth – an older duster or rag – and rub all over. This should smooth out any parts that were scrubbed up with the brush and bring back the original softness. Really put some elbow grease into this part of the cleaning process as it helps to maintain the leather’s original texture and quality.

Wash leather shoes gently
When this is finished, if the shoes are made from finished leather dampen the cloth you were using and wipe all over. If it is not finished leather, use saddle soap. This can be bought from most good quality shoe shops so head to your local seller and ask their advice on how to clean leather shoes. To use saddle soap, lather it up with warm water. Apply with a clean cloth then wait for your shoes to dry completely.

Dry them naturally
It’s important not to try and speed up the drying process by putting them somewhere artificially hot (like the airing cupboard) or out in the sunshine as this can lead to cracking and discoloration. Not what anyone wants on their favorite shoe!

Treat the leather
Finally, once you shoes are dry, treat the leather with cream polish. Again this should be available from your local shoe shop. Apply with an old rag and rub, rub, rub, until you buff up a beautiful shine. Some people then chose to use a finishing spray to complete the clean.

This is definitely optional, but it can have a good effect. Be careful though as it should match the color of your shoe. If one area of the surface needs particular attention, because of a scuff or scratch for example, use marking tape to protect the other areas of the shoe while you spray it on.

So there you have it, a quick and easy guide all about how to clean leather shoes. Beautiful footwear is a must for any great outfit. By taking good care of your leather shoes, you’ll ensure they look as good as they did the day you bought them.


  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous tips. keep in touch

  2. Very helpful post dear.

  3. They look so comfy!

    Have a lovely week ;)

  4. I usually just do a wipe down and a natural dry, but treating them with polish would be good, too.

  5. Great tips! Caring for leather can be a task, but it's definitely worth it!

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