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Saturday, January 16, 2016

CRY-Putting Children's Health In Focus

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Today, lets take some time, lets think about future and analyse the present. Every countries future depends on children.  The children who are playing today will grow up and will have the the responsibility to not only earn their bread and butter but also take responsibility of their family. This whole new generation, who should be nourished, educated and taken care off today so that we have a better tomorrow. But the question is, are we providing all these children a healthy life !! Are you really putting children's health in focus !
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Can you imagine that even today, for many, celebrating a child’s fifth birthday is a privilege! You would agree that the first 5 years play a significant role in a child's life. It determines their survival and physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. However, the growth of thousands of children is still hampered by the lack of adequate nutrition and healthcare. 

The National capital of India, where we have all our political system, have these huge malls with these big International brands which are stuffed with shoppers all the time , where there are so many cars that it takes double the time to reach any destination ( Thanks to the traffic jams), here half of the children in the slums of the national capital are underweight.
Nutrition and immunization are the most critical for a child’s survival in the first six years of his or her life. Shockingly, even the immunization coverage in the slums in Delhi is much worse than expected.

Even as Aanganwadi Centres (AWCs) remain one of the most important institutions for ensuring nutrition, health and early education of children below 6 years, only 46 percent children dwelling in slums are enrolled. In the national capital, the enrollment in AWCs in slum children stood at a despondent figure of 47 percent. The ICDS scheme also provides for health services including de-worming, IFA (Iron and Folic Acid tablets) and Vitamin A dosage. More than a third of the children in the 5 cities surveyed had not been de-wormed. In Delhi, half the children did not receive the Vitamin A and IFA supplement and about a third had not been de-wormed. 

It totally breaks my heart when I see all these little kids selling stuff on red lights, collecting garbage , working in peoples home just trying to earn a little food for themselves and their family. At the age where they should be given nutritious food, given education and be protected from all the diseases, they are out their in the working in bad condition specially when they are vulnerable to any and every infection / disease .

Cry an Indian NGO that believes in every child’s right to a childhood – to live, to learn, grow and play.Within the ambit of Healthy Start, CRY has launched ‘Get Healthy Give Healthy’ campaign which is about encouraging people to raise funds for a healthy start for young children, while working towards a personal health goal.

You can change this. Join the CRY Click Rights campaign and together we can ensure 281,045 children a healthy start to life.For more information please visit us at

Lets all add a few building blocks to build a Healthy and Happy tomorrow.


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