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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year- New Year Resolutions 2016

Hello Hello Hello ,

Welcome to the first cold and crisp morning of 2016. Who is excited to start a fresh year, hands up!! I have both my hands up . It feels so good to clean the board and start painting it again. I thought its the perfect day to list nee year's resolutions for 2016.
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For some reason the first day of the year feels so light. Its the day we have the energy to plan the entire year. So while we are planning all this, kets write it down so that we stick to it.
Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Starting with a resolution that I knew i will include the first thing to my list, I will try not to be fooled. Yes, I am the kind if person who gets easy fooled and bluffed.

2. This second resolution goes hand in hand with first one. I have decided to not trust people blindly. Blind trust always results in hurt.

3. Will try not to overthink on tiny little things that people say and keep rocking #nobodycares attitude.

4. In 2016 I will try my best to get up on a respectable time, cant commit early morning though.

5. Resolution list can't be complete without including exercise and weight loss. Yes,I want to do both. Was on the track of fitness till mid 2015 and now I want yo get back.

6. In 2016 I am going to listen to my mum and clean my wardrobe,makeup chest and everything frequently so that they don't look like a hot mess .

7. Also this year I am going to work hard and commit myself to my youtube channel, 3 videos a week. So do subscribe to my channel beingbeautifulpooja

8. Will try my Best to shop less and save more. (Just keep in mind, the word 'try ' is still there :p)
9. OMG, how cab I forget to mention this one. I will try to eat less and nit stuff my fave like a pig, although its pretty difficult . #foodie

10.  Most importantly never sleep in bad mood and never forget  smile is the key to all fights, issues and misunderstands.

So guys, here are my new years resolutions. So leave yours in the comments. #newyearresolutions2016
And a very happy nee years, may 2016 be your year and brings you all the joys , happiness and health.


  1. Great resolutions, good luck!
    Happy new year!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Happy New Year Pooja, I wish you and your family a fantastic 2016!



  3. Happy Year New! All the best in achieving your resolutions!


  4. Love your post, great content!
    Happy New Year!! Wish you and your loved ones all the best!

  5. Great resolutions! I want to not care about what other people think and say too!

  6. Wish you luck to fulfill your resolutions. :)

  7. Wishing you all the best for the new year 2016!!!


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