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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Hey My Health Nuts,

There are so many things that are super yummy and healthy too. Coconut Water is one such drink , last week I wrote the hair and beauty benefits of Coconut water , so today its time for health benefits of coconut water.

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Lets get straight into the health benefits of drinking of coconut water.

1. Coconut water improves metabolism.
2. It reduces bloating.
3. Best part, helps in weight loss.
4. Coconut water prevents kidney stone.
5. Its great to prevent and treat digestion.
6. Also coconut water lowers the blood pressure.
7. It helps with diabetes.
8. If you are having a muscle clamp, it will help.
9. Very helpful in strengthening bones.
10.  Coconut water helps in digestion.

So see , there ate so many benefits of drinking coconut water, it not only has health benefits but also beauty benefits.
Coconut water is a very economical and easy way to keep fit and healthy, so do make it a part of you daily diet.


  1. I might start drinking more coconut water to lose some weight!

  2. this is so interesting..i must start drinking this water

  3. I miss that so much! And sugar cane juice, should start an import business in Spain!
    keep in touch,


  4. That's great to know, nice of you to share!

  5. True! Great Post!
    i also love it to use Coconut Oil :)


  6. Can't agree more ! Coconut water has so much of benefit ! I love it to bitsss...

  7. Coconut water is such a wonderful thing to drink! Thanks for sharing the health benefits!

  8. Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

  9. My all time favorite, thanks for posting....

  10. cool~ Keep in touch

  11. Love coconut water :) Happy Friday x

  12. Coconut water have many benefits in summer


  13. Hi,

    i used to take coconut in morning it very beneficial for health



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