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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Easy Steps to a Relaxing Bath

Hello Everybody,

In today's time, even a child is stressed, forget adults. We all are always on our computer and smartphones. Literally we never ever spend time with ourselves. This takes a toll on our health and leads to stress. Hot water bath is the best way to relax and detox, and cheapest too.  To have a calming bath, you have to prepare for the hot water bath.

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Here are some simple steps to prepare for a hot water bath:

1) Start by gathering all essentials like a bath bomb, a magazine or a novel, essential oils and some candles.
2) Next fill the top half way with hot water.
3) Drop in a little essential oil and a bath bomb.
4) make sure the temperature is fine for you. Getting in and out of bath is not a good idea.
5) Now its time to light all the candles.
6) Bring yourself a little snack or drink .
7) Make sure bath robe is kept in reach .
8) Tie your hair up and put on a face mask.
9) Slip in and switch off your brain from world for a bit.
10) Once done, make sure to rest and have some green tea.

By following these easy steps for a relaxing bath, one can relax his body. Its a great home remedy to detox ans relieve stress. Also check out my post on How to Make the Most of Your Bath for get all benefits of your hot water bath.
SO whenever you fell stressed, fill up your bath top and just let your hair down.


  1. Essential oil is a must for relaxing bath.

  2. This is great! Now I want to take a bath! I think I will and bring in a book to relax!

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  4. Scented candles or reed diffuser always does the trick for me...

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