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Sunday, September 4, 2016

10 Ways to prevent Acne

Hello Everybody,

One skin issue that just never seems to leave me alone is Acne. No matter how any acne treatments I use , Acne just finds it way back. I decided to make a few lifestyle changes and it worked. Here are 10 easy ways to prevent Acne.

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So lets straight get into the post:

1. Changing pillow case- changing pillow case prevents breakouts. All of the sweat, dirt and makeup from face is seeping into your pillow every night. Not washing pillow cases regularly means literally putting face in dirt and sweat which will lead to oily face and clogged pores which in turn leads to acne.

2. No touching face- By touching face,oils and dirt on hands transfer to face and lead to breakout.
3. Drink more water- Drinking water is the easiest way to keep your breakouts at bay. Drinking water not only hydrates your skin but it eliminates all of the unhealthy toxins from your body–some of which may have been the cause of your earlier breakouts.

4. Clean Phone- we spend hours on our phones. head. Dirt and makeup rubs off on the face of the phone and is then transferred back onto your face the next time we use it. To prevent breakouts, we must clean the part of your phone that touches our face regularly.

5. Sleeping on back- Sleeping on your back means that our face is free from the fabrics on our pillow and free from  fingers and hands. When we sleep on our stomach, our face a pressed up against the fabric of pillow which can irritate skin.

6. Quit Smoking and Drinking- Smoking and drinking dehydrate the skin, making it much more prone to breaking out.

7. Exercise- Exercising daily will not only help you look and feel better but it will also help reduce the frequency of your breakouts.

8. Check your Shampoo and Conditioner- Shampoos and conditioners with a lot fragrance and chemicals can irritate skin and cause breakouts on your forehead, jaw, neck and back.

9. Stay out of Sun- To much su exposer can cause breakout.
10. Reduce Stress- Try to stay calm and happy because stress cause a major breakout.

By making 10 lifestyle changes, you can easily avoid acne. These are little home remedies for acne that makes a huge difference.
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