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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Home Remedies for Smog

You must be aware of all the Smog in Delhi! Its crazy, almost looks like a cold foggy January day when visibility is almost zero. The only difference is that fog is replaced by smoke. This smog situation is went a little out of hand causing a lot infections. Here are a few home remedies for Smog infections.
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If you are down with cold, cough and respiratory infections, these remedies will sooth you soul.

1) Garlic- The antibiotic properties of garlic help prevent against cough. Saute garlic in butter and eat it. Don't drink water for half an hour after consumption. This will clear out all the

2) Ginger- Ginger has a healing properties and works perfectly for inflections. For smog infections, mix a spoon of honey with luke warm ginger juice and consume it 3 times a day.

3) Honey and Jaggery- Both the condiments help prevent body from diseases. Try to include in in your daily diet to prevent against smog.

4) Black Pepper- For cough and respiratory infections, mix 1 spoon honey with freshly grinned black pepper.

5) Ajwain- Make ajwain a part of your daily diet , it clears out lungs.

Apart from all these home remedies for cough, cold and respiratory infections to fight against smog, make sure you are wearing a mask when out and about. Also try to educate people to stay away from fireworks and other smoke causing elements.

Hope these tips to fight against smog were helpful.


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