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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Must have Fall Trends 2017


So weather is already changing, it's officially fall. I am so excited to switch to long coats and hats. Fall clothing looks so classy. I have seen a lot of new fashion trends in ramps that are totally a fall must have. Thankfully Mango which is now available on Myntra has everything that we might need for Fall season.
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Here are 10 Must-Have fall statement pieces:

1. Power Red
It's official: red is the color of Fall 2017. There were sleek coats, monochromatic looks, and a statement trench are the latest fall trends that are seen all around street style circuit. 

2. Vintage-Inspired Furs
Last season it was all about the statement fur, but for fall 2017 we're going back to basics. No frills, just fur. classic, vintage-inspired coats that look like they were plucked from an estate sale are in trends.

3. 70s Plaid
When we hear plaid, we typically think of '90s grunge. But this season is all about the bright plaid from the '70s. The versatile print was crafted into classic coats and even premiered as a formal gown. I suggest getting your hands on atleast one 70's plaid piece!

4. Retro Hats
Tired of beanies? This fall its all about throwing it back to brimmed caps and bucket hats featuring vintage textiles like shearling and fur. I am definitely going to add a hat or two to my collection. 

5. Couch Floral This season its about applying vintage floral prints to everything from casual tops to princess gowns. It's window (and couch) dressing, taken literally. You can find so many vintage floral pieces on Myntra.

6. Mid-Length Skirts
Looks like the fashion industry is pirouetting toward ballet beautiful styles this fall. They showcased a flattering skirt hemmed at the calf with full, flouncy movement. I am definitely investing in 1 at least this fall. 

7. Chocolate Brown
The chocolatey hue everyone wore in slack-form and lip liner during the '90s has been on the wayside, but now brown is definitely the new black.I am a huge brown lover and I suggest buying a bunch if brown clothing as the trend is here to stay. 

8. Wide Belts
Wide waist belts are making their comeback this season and in all the right proportions. I am so excited to try out this fashion trend.

9. Fishnets
Have designers noticed that Instagram feeds are littered with ladies in fishnet tights? Guess they are, because they're presenting the stocking trend in new ways Instead of just wearing them with destroyed denim, one can now pair them with feminine dresses. I need a pair of fishnets ASAP.

10. Broad Shoulders
Oversized menswear blazers are all a girl needs to be on trend this fall.

If you gave these 10 must-have fall fashion trends of 17, then you are sorted but in case you are missing a piece or two, just check out Mango on Myntra. I love how with few clicks and online shopping, staying on trend has become so easy! 


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