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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Diwali DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas- Diwali DIY

Hello Guys,

Diwali is right around the corner and I am more than excited! Lets kick start the festive season with a Diwali DIY. Today we will be making a galaxy gift wrapping sheet with firecrackers. This is a super fun  Diwali DIY that is perfect for all age group.

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You need:
1. Poster colors- Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, and White
2. Water and 2 painting brushes.
3. A piece of sponge.

Watch the video or eep reading:

How to:
1. Start by roughly patching some blue poster color on the paper leaving the outer edge of the paper blank.
2. On top of blue, overlapping a little bit, add a little purple and on top of it put some pink.
3. Then on the edge of paperadd black.
4. Then take a little damp sponge, add some blue on it and dab over all the colors with a light hand.
5. Now go in reverse order, start with pink moving towards black. 
6. Add a little white here and there.
7. Keep dabbing with damp sponge.
8. Repeat the same process on the entire sheet and let it dry.
9. Once dry, take some white paint on a very thin brush and add dots of different sizes in clusters for stars.
10. Take the time and add as many stars as you can just make sure that you add them in the white and pink parts.
11. Once that's dry, you are ready to wrap up your gift.
12. Take threads of two different colors, tie 2-3 rockets or skyshots and tie that on the gift.

Your Galaxy with firecrackers gift wrapping is all ready to be sent to a new home!
Hope you like this Diwali DIY Gift Wrapping Idea. Will see you guys tomorrow with a new Diwali DIY project!


  1. Very crafty, and they turned out pretty well. Will try this for Christmas!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. Accha idea hai 👍👍 main crackers ko scented candles se replace karungi 😊
    Thanks for sharing dear

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  5. You can pack the gift in a simple wrapping paper and write some very catchy lines on the tags evoking people to check and open the gift. This is the simplest of all the ideas.
    Grote Knuffelbeer

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