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Saturday, June 23, 2018

10 Signes that you need a Holiday!


Ok, so we all would love a Holiday any time but then there are few signs that depict that you must drop everything and book yourself a holiday!

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Singes that you need a holiday:

1. Anger-Irritation: This is the most prominent sign of lack of travelling. A person gets super irritated of his daily life, routine and it starts getting to him. One starts to get irritated for no solid reason. This is when you know its time to break the monotony.

2. Impatience: In the course of daily life, one gets so sucked up that the things that once he loved become a burden. You just have the patience for little hurdle on the way. One starts to lose it on little things like powder cutout, heat and even when fav food is not available. 

3. Stress eating: This is one of the most common symptoms that one needs a break. One starts to stuff his/her's face with ample amount of food no matter if he-she is hungry or not! This is a result of too much stress and the only way to overcome it is by taking a break.

4. Tears in the eyes: No matter how strong a person is, if he or she is stuck in his life, job or a relation, one tends to show too much emotion. You will notice tears rolling down a person's eyes over basically nothing. This is the time you know you need to pack your bags and leave for a holiday.

5. Forgetfulness: People start forgetting minor to major things like deadlines, kids school schedule, birthdays and this is aa sign that your mind is overwoked and you need a break.

6. Lack of enthusiasm: There is a time when you don't find anything interesting. You try to do something new but it does not interest you! You pick up an old hobby but nothing strikes a cord. This is the time you must go out and explore.

7. Low Self Esteem: When you do not go out on a holiday or a little break, one starts to feel that he has no worth. He feels that his life is a waste and that is exactly when he needs to hop on a plane/train.

8. Clipping about everything: When one is stuck in his present state for quite some time, he starts to crip about everything, be it is work, clutter in-house, fridge not stalked up with food or just not able to find the matching shoes.

9. Snapping: There comes a time when one starts yelling and screaming for little to no mistakes on people. One just loses temper and later realise that it as uncalled for!

10. Drift in a relationship: If you feel that you and your partner are not getting any time together. There is no such problem but you guys are drifting apart, it is definitely time to go on a holiday together.

So ask your, friends, family and colleagues if you are showing any of these symptoms and if you are, get on Instagram, stock travel bloggers, look for a nice place that suits your budget and start planning a quick holiday!


  1. I definitely need a holiday, soon though :)) x

  2. I have still more patience so my holidays are yet not around......nice picture though pooja
    keep in touch

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