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Saturday, June 9, 2018

What to Do About Uneven Breasts?

Uneven breasts or breast asymmetry can be a cause of low self-esteem in women. Furthermore, it limits a woman’s clothing choices. For example, one might have to wear special bras to hide the problem. If you find that your breasts have different forms, volume, or position, know that you are not alone. Breast asymmetry is very prevalent. In fact, more than 40%  of all women are affected by breast asymmetry. The good news is that breast asymmetry is not permanent. It can be avoided and reversed. This article will discuss the methods of reducing and eliminating breast asymmetry.

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What causes uneven breasts?

To understand the methods of reducing breasts asymmetry, it is necessary to first understand its causes. Breast asymmetry is caused by both natural and artificial factors. Some of the possible causes of breast asymmetry are:

Hormonal imbalance

Women's breasts undergo various changes during the menstrual cycle. They tend to be full and more sensitive during ovulation. Furthermore, they enlarge due to increased blood-flow and water retention. The changes are caused by hormones such as estrogen. If the hormonal distribution is uneven, the breasts will take different forms.

Left-hand or right-hand dominance

The muscles on the dominant hand side are used more frequently. They, therefore, grow bigger than those of the non-dominant side. Pectoral muscles are located behind the breasts. The breast on the side with more developed pectoral muscles will appear bigger than the other one.

Improper body alignment.

In a perfectly aligned body, there is symmetrical growth. Furthermore, there is an even distribution of fats in the body. However, when the body is unaligned, there is a haphazard distribution of fats. This might lead to more fat being deposited on one breast than other.


The breasts undergo significant changes due to breastfeeding. They include changes in size and shape. Some mothers tend to use one breast during breastfeeding. One possible reason for this is one breast producing more milk than the other. When one breast is overused, changes will be more pronounced in one breast.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions such as virginal hypertrophy cause brain asymmetry. Virginal breast hypertrophy causes one breast to be significantly larger than the other. This condition is however rare.

Moreover, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors can change the size and shape of one breast. Other conditions that can lead to breast asymmetry include scoliosis, spine curvature, and chest wall deformities.

Solutions to uneven breasts

There are various solutions to breast asymmetry. Some achieve instant results while others take more time and effort.

Wearing special bras

This is not a permanent solution, but it can help a woman enhance her appearance and boost self-esteem while finding a permanent solution. Some bras have been designed to make breast asymmetry less noticeable.

Wearing bras that have a lined cup can make breasts asymmetry less pronounced. Such breasts include contour, padded, and molded bras. The other solution is wearing bras with removable pads and cookies. With these bras, one can remove pads from the larger breast side and insert then into the pockets of the smaller breast side.

Surgical methods

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation involves placing implants behind the breast tissue. The implants are usually made from saline water or silicon. Undergoing a breast augmentation surgery is a more permanent solution. It is one of the best methods of reversing natural breast asymmetry. Furthermore, it produces instant results.

Medical technology has improved. Surgeons can now measure the breast symmetry accurately, and make the necessary adjustments. Breast augmentation is done to change both size and shape of the breasts. When going for a breast augmentation, it is critical to ensure you choose a reputable clinic.

Non-surgical methods

Breast massage

Breast massage improves blood flow in the breasts and stimulates the secretion of the hormone prolactin. This enlarges the breasts. If you massage the smaller breast only, it will increase in size, and the breast asymmetry will be less conspicuous. There are special creams made for breast massage. Using such creams can increase the effectiveness of this method. The downside of breast massage is that it cannot achieve perfectly even breasts. Furthermore, the results might take long to show.

Breast enlargement pumps

This method works almost the same way as breast massage. Breast enlargement pumps apply a gentle suction on the breasts. This promotes blood flow to the breasts. It also stretches the skin thus encouraging tissue growth. When breast enlargement pumps are used selectively, they can help reduce the difference in size between the two breasts. This method is however slow.

Body wraps

In this method, a body wrap is used on the larger breast. Body wraps contain special lotions which absorb fats from the body. When applied on the larger breast, it will reduce in size with time. Though this method cannot achieve instant results like breast augmentation, it is faster than breast massage and breast enlargement pumps. Without surgery, reducing the size of the breast is often quicker than enlarging it.


Behind the breasts lies a group of muscles known as the pectoral muscles. When these muscles are exercised, they grow. Bigger pectoral muscles will make the breasts appear more pronounced. If more exercise is done on the side with the smaller breast, the breast asymmetry will be less visible with time. One example of such exercise is lying flat on a surface, bending the knees at a right angle with the surface, then lifting a dumbbell with the hand where the breast is smaller. Just like the other non-surgical methods, this method is slow. Furthermore, is can hardly achieve perfect results. When compared with the other non-surgical methods, this method requires more effort and patience.

With so many methods of dealing with breast asymmetry at your disposal, it should not stress you. The method you choose will depend on your patience and desired results. Though surgical methods are costly, they are fast, and they achieve perfect results. On the contrary, non-surgical approaches are cheap, but it will take significantly longer time to achieve remarkable results. If you decide to go for breast augmentation, ensure you are operated by an experienced surgeon. A perfect example is Dr. DeJoseph of the Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. He is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the Sandy Springs and Atlanta, GA area. 


  1. The breasts undergo significant changes due to breastfeeding. They include changes in size and shape. Some mothers tend to use one breast during breastfeeding. One possible reason for this is one breast producing more milk than the other. When one breast is overused, changes will be more pronounced in one breast.
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