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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Hey Guys,

So no matter how sorted your life or the way of living is, every now and then stress catches up and all you can do is deal with it in the best possible way! Here are a few simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety!

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I generally don't take the stress and try to maintain an invisible shield around me to keep the thing that's can cause tension and anxiety away. But there are times when things get to me and I resort to a few things that help me recover. 
Things that can help with stress and anxiety:

1. Sleeping: Starting with the remedy I practice the most at present. Stress and anxiety get to the head and then one just can't think straight. Its a kind of mental block, a heavy stone that punchers our normal sense of understanding. Before mind starts to run randomly in all crazy directions, it is the best to cut yourself from the situation by taking a nap! Now it will be difficult to execute at first but once you master this remedy you ate going to thank me. As soon as you start getting stressed, just run to your bed, close your eyes and in your mind just sing yourself a lullaby. When you wake up, you will be calm. 

2. Write it down: If you are an introvert and there is something that is pulling you down and you just don't want to speak to someone then your diary can be your best friend. This solution is perfect not only for an introvert but for everyone. Just write down everything in detail and by the time you are done, most of your anxiety will be gone. I have done this for yours and believe me, it works!

3. Fix up a date with friends or close family: In a stressful situation, even a small problem appears big. One feels as if the world is crashing and there is no way to rebuild it. In a situation like this, you must pick up the phone, call a friend or mum or any other person you are close to, plan an immediate meeting. In care distance does not allow it, just face time or chat it out on a video call. Make sure not to pick politically correct word. Just be clear, direct and as open as possible (Swear words are just fine) and this will help get the burden off your head. I like to either go to my mum's room or call my close friend and just bitch/complain about the person/situation.

4. Listen to music: There are times when we feel overburdened by the current situation. The best way is to distract your mind with some music. Now, people say go for soft calming music, but according to me, opt for the music you like. Playing music has a positive effect on the brain and body, can lower blood pressure, and reduce cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. I always prefer my peppy Punjabi numbers instead of slow soft ones.

5. Drink Tea: A large dose of caffeine causes a short-term spike in blood pressure. It may also cause your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis to go into overdrive. Instead of coffee or energy drinks, try green tea. It has less than half the caffeine of coffee and contains healthy antioxidants, as well as theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect on the nervous system. I love me some Organic India Tulsi Green tea before bed just to calm myself down.

And lastly, always try to surround yourself with positive people who love life and are ready to accept and happily deal with whatever life throws at them. 
Be happy, try not to take the stress and in case you get stress, then try any of the above tips to reduce anxiety and stress!


  1. These are great ideas. I like to take a long bath to relieve stress or listen to music too :) x

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  6. As a health adviser, I suggest go for a morning walk. Walking is the greatest ways to start your day. It makes you feel so relaxed and stress-free life. Once you start the early walking as a habit, your body becomes more active and healthy. So, go for walk towards getting a good health. Take care!

  7. Write it down can really helps to relieve my stress. Sometimes herbal supplements for stress can be more effective than this remedy. But very helpful tips.

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