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Monday, October 29, 2018

My First Karwachauth

Hello Guys,

As you guys know, I am getting married soon so that time I decided to keep Karwachauth fast for my fiancé. As it was my last Karwachauth before marriage, I wanted to experience it as an unmarried girl. Here is my first Karwachauth experience.

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So, I was not even thinking about Karwachauth but as my family and friends started mentioning it, a part of me started gearing up for it. Somewhere inside me, I decided to keep it.

Both my mom's ( my own mon and mom-in-law) are very accommodating and never force their opinion on me so there was no pressure from either of their sides.
My mom-in-law politely asked if I wanted to keep the fast and I really good excited.
There were a few things (work related) that were coming my way but this was my first and last opportunity to celebrate Karwachauth before marriage so  I went for it!

Day before Karwachauth, I got my sargi and it was quite a lot of stuff. Both Anish's parents came to give it to me with so much love. There were fruits, dry fruits, boxes of sweets, sevian and a lovely outfit.

At the day of karwachauth, my mon made me parantha's, prepared meethi savian and a cup of coffee at 4.30 am as my Sargai and with my eyes half closed and mind fully shut, I just ate it. As suggested by a friend, I took an anti-acid tablet right after eating to keep me going all day!

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Next day, I wanted to sleep till late but Anish called from Germany, so woke up. The entire day went pretty smoothly, till lunch time, I was not feeling anything. By 4ish, I got a little thirsty but nothing unbearable. But I was suoer sleepy.
My mum really emphasised that I get all dolled up so I did my makeup and got into an outfit.
After the katha, I had a cup of coffee which tasted like Amrit.

Post coffee, I got the energy to speak to my friends and cousins but by 7.30, I was dying. I had a calm face on, but inside, the need for food was real.

We went to the roof top to want for moon but it was nowhere to be found. Finally, we spotted our dear Moon at 8.45 , I did my puja and broke my fast with some sweets.

I tried to call Anish but he was in Istanbul as he had his layover there but internet was very bad.

After that, I drank 1L of water straight and I was pacified. Later I hogged on to a full thali of pakka khana.

Have to say, I was really expecting it to be a very difficult fast, I though I will get sick to stomach but it was quite easy. From my experience, everything is possible when you have your heart filled with love.
With all my love for Anish (my fiancé) I kept the fast and it was not only easy but I did it happily.

So if you are celebrating your first Karwachauth, don't worry, you will rock it!


  1. Wow, it's great to learn about this, as I never heard of it. What a lovely tradition!! I hope oyu have a wonderful week ahead xx

  2. Arey wah, ye to bahut accha kiya, is se aapsi bonding aur majboot hoti hai, aapne apne man se is fast ko kiya jo ki aapke pyaar ko dikhata hai 💖💖
    Hamesha aise hi khush aur pyaar k sath rahiye
    Bahut hi pyaari lag rahy ho, ab to jaldi hu hum aapko shaadi k jode me bhi dekhengey 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  3. I read about this tradition in books. I think it can be a sweet symbolic gesture. I'm glad it went smoothly for you. I wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage.

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