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Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to Keep Healthy During the Change in Seasons


I can sense that the air is getting crisp which means weather has started to change. During the changing seasons, there is a very possibility of getting ill. here are a few lifestyle tips to keep healthy during the change in season.

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Be Hygienic 
Taking a regular bathing is a must the changing seasons. Wash your hands regularly before and after having food. Keeping hand sanitizers with you every time is a good habit. Wash your face on a regular basis as it will reduce the risk of bacterial infections

Probiotics, a healthy option
The simple remedy to achieve this fact is by taking probiotics regularly. Yoghurt is a perfect example. Also, probiotic drinks are healthy that prevents allergies and colds.

Dressed Accordingly
Don’t take the season’s transition lightly. They came like just to affect the immune systems of the people. So, the solution is to dress in layers according to the weather. Wear full sleeves clothes when needed to avoid mosquito biting

Keep you feet covered
The best way to keep yourself warm and safe from the harsh weather is by keeping your feet covered. Try to wear socks or a pair of boots. If feet are warm, body temperature will not fluctuate a ton which means you will remain immune from the changing weather.

Drink up.
Dry nasal passages and a dry throat are an invitation for bacteria to stick around. Start your day with a glass of room-temperature water and the juice of half a lemon. It’s good for digestion and vitamin C helps you recover from colds faster.

Herbal Tea
Give some time to yourself and go herbal. A cup of herbal tea helps to reduce the infections, lowers the cholesterol and also improves sleep.

Sanitise all the little things like door handles, knobs, remote controls and other such things at night so that there is a lesser chance of catching on germs.

working out helps manage stress which, in turn, keeps your immune system strong.

Carry your layers
When the weather is changing, its pretty unpredictable, so make sure to carry a light pullover or a scarf while stepping out of the house.

Try to make these changes a part of your daily life, and stay healthy during the seasonal weather change!


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