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Thursday, January 24, 2019

How To keep Healthy in Pollution


The hottest topic of discussion these days is Pollution. All we discuss is the pollution level, smog and how government should take some preventive steps. Well, not denying that that should but we must do something to keep yourself safe from adverse effects of pollution.

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Here are a few steps to prevent the unhealthy effects of pollution.

1. Buy an Air purifier and keep in in one of your most used rooms to maintain the air quality. Keep the Air purifier on at night and try to air out on a low pollution day by opening up window and switching off air purifier.

2. It is more of a trend now to wear smog masks but try to get a good quality air-purifying respirator. Proper respirator masks make a seal with the face and have a filter to prevent contaminated air entering your mouth or nose.

3. Keep the window pains up while driving, especially while cross high pollution zones like metro station and major crossing.

4. Wash your hands as soon as you reach your destination. Germaphobes like me take bath before bed.

5. Minimise indoor air pollution by avoiding using tobacco, wooden stoves and by regularly vacuuming all the furniture.

6. Pollution level varies throughout the day. Avoiding outdoor activity when and where air pollutant levels are higher.

7. Keep your body prepared for pollution by consuming foods like broccoli, sprouts or by taking fish oil supplements.

8. Try to get some workout done as it will give the body the power to fight against pollution.

No matter where you live in the whole wide world, follow these health tips against air pollution and keep fit even in smog.


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