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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Shein Haul

Hi Guys, I absolutely love shopping on Shein. Its Heaven for all the fashion lovers. The website has the latest style of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The fabric of the clothes can be hit or miss but styles are top-notch.

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Here is a big shein haul. I got nightwear, formal dress, tshirt dresses, plant holder and some headbands. 

Below are all the links of the products mentioned:

Hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know which is your favourite product of all .


  1. Oooh so many cute items! I so love the cat headband, adorable!


  2. Bahut acchi shopping ki aapne, maine aapka video dekhne k baad Shien download kiya, mujhe nahi pata tha ki itna accha collection hai , thanks for sharing ur haul

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  7. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful Shein Women Fashion Street Style

  8. Thanks for sharing shein store style fashion Apparels


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