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Saturday, March 21, 2020

11 Things you can do  at home in Self-Quarantine - Janta Curfew

Hey Guys,

With Coronavirus going around, it is our duty to Self-Quarantine to save yourself and others from being infected. Our beloved Modi ji has announced Janta Curfew and one must follow it. The self-quarantine time at home should not be spent like you are in prison, one must rater try to use the time to reconnect with yourself. Here are 11 things to do at home while on Self Quarantine:

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1. Play board games: Remember how much we use to enjoy playing ludo, carrom, monopoly etc as kids. Well, try to give the games another shot while staying at home.

2. Watch movies and shows: While most of us are rushing for work every day, there are so many movies and shoes we want to watch but just never have the time to. Quarantine is a good chance to chat h up on everything.

3. Spend time with plants: If you have a green thumb or are looking to hop on to the trend of decorating with real plants then this is a good chance to do some gardening.

4. Bake or Cook an amazing meal: Nothing like making something for the fam, maybe bake some muffins for breakfast or make some paranthas for lunch!

5. Pamper yourself: If you want to spend some time with yourself then taking a warm bath or doing an at home mani-pedi or clean up or hair mask is a great idea.

6. Organising: The season is changing and its time to keep winter clothes away. If you enjoy organising, you can use the day to organise your closets.

7. Read: A lot of people crave the time to read. It's a good idea to make yourself a cup of coffee and read your way through quarantine.

8. Paint and Journal: If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, the best way is to paint your heart out or write your mind out. It will seriously help.

9. Call your buddies: You can't go out to catch up with friends but you sure can FaceTime them and have an online party.

10. Play music and do a mini dance workout: No dance parties are happening but one can sure have played some great music and move with it.

11. Catch up on sleep: Yaasss, if you have a super rushy job that hardly leaves you with time to sleep for 8 hours then sleep inn and catch up on all your sleep.

Pick something from the list to spend the Self Quarantine not cribbing about not being able to go out but by spending time with yourself and everyone at home.
Try to do something that makes you happy from within.
Keep safe and always remember, this time of Coronavirus will pass.


  1. Ji, ye bura samay bhi jaldi dur ho jayega, bas thodi awareness ki jarurat hai
    Kuch log isko bahut lightly le rahe hain
    Agar 8 din bhi self quarantine kar liya jo ki bilkul mushkil nahi hai, family k sath time bitana kitni khushi ki baat hai
    Sabko follow karna chaiye
    Aapki tips bahut useful hain 🤗🤗
    Stay safe

  2. I almost covered everything that you have mentioned, and more than anything cooking is very interesting.

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