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Thursday, March 26, 2020

How plants help us relax?

 Decorating your space with succulents, cactus and monstera is huge on-trend these days. You can find so many plant pages on Instagram that show what plants to get and how to take care of them but do you know plants help us to unwind and relax. Here is How plants help us relax?

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1. Eliminates harmful toxins and improves air quality-Plants are natural air purifiers and can help to remove toxins from the atmosphere.
2. Plants Protect us from Diseases- Plants can take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, improving the air quality. They also help to reduce airborne dust levels and increase air humidity. This can reduce coughing, itchy eyes and fatigue.   Fantastic air-filtering plants are Spider Plants, Dwarf Date Palm, and Chinese Evergreen.

3. Reducing background noise- There’s nothing worse than trying to relax and constantly being bombarded by background noise. You can create big plants around the parameters of your state. This will create a stress-free environment and reduces the level of stress.

4. Helping you sleep better- Sleep is very important for one's well-being. Certain plants have sleep-promoting qualities that can help with insomnia including eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary.

5. Providing Stress Relief Therapy- seeing your plant grow feels very rewarding and will boost your self-esteem.  Being surrounded by nature helps to make you mindful and much more patient. gardening has been found to ease stress and relieve feelings of anxiety.
Now that you know how important plants are, stop what you are doing, get a watering can and a go out to spend some time with greens and yes, don't forget to leave your phone inside.


  1. Indeed, plants are very therapeutic. You look beautiful with your hat, dear!



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  3. Aapne ye to bahut sahi kaha ki plants bahut khushiyan dete hain , unko grow karte dekhna bahut hi happiest moment hota hai 😊


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