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Monday, August 24, 2020

Top 10 Places to Sanatize to avoid Covid 19

Hi Guys,

With the current situation, the virus still floating around and everybody returning to work, there is an extra need to take all the possible precautions and sanitize thing that we use on a daily.
Here is a list of top 10 places to sanitize to avoid coronavirus infection.

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1. Main Door Knob- Wherever you go, you will always use your main door and touch the door nob to enter the house. Even if you have used a sanatizer to your hands but still, sanitizing your door knob is a must.

2. Lift Buttons- Lift is a place that you and others living in the same building (who might be going to work too) might be using so it is very important to disinfect the buttons.

3. Mobile phones- Needles to say, we are on our phone almost all the time. So, do wipe off your phone every single night (even when corona is gone) to avoid any kind of infection.

4. Kitchen counters- Kitchen counters need to be disinfected every day. Whatever you shop, vegetables, fruits and other edibles are kept on the counters so sanitizing them is a must.

5. Car Handles- Now that is obvious and still, we all forget to do sanitize out car handles.

6. Car steering- Whenever you go out, you drive so the car handles staring is always used. Consciously or unconsciously, you might touch the starting with dirty hands. SO do sanitize it regularly.

7. Car keys- Totally a must. You use it all the time and it needs to be disinfected.

8. Everyday bag- Our bag has our world that we carry around, there is a very high chance that it might catch germs from the surfaces we keep it on, so disinfect it.

9. Wallet- Although I do not suggest using money during this time, try to use Paytm so that its no contact but if you are taking our wallet out, then do clean it with a disinfecting wipe.

10. Home Keys- You use it all the time which means it has a very high chance of it catching germs, so just wipe them with wipes o spray vinegar on it.

It is touch time and by keeping in mind these top 10 places to sanitize to covid 19. Guys, wear your masks and keep safe.

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