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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

10 Things I Stopped Buying

Hi Guys,

Over a peropd of time, I have realised that there are a lot of things that I have completely stopped buying. There can be many reasons of not buying these things anymore, maybe I reasied it not good for my skin or for envioument or maybe I grew out of the trend.

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So here are 10 things that I have completely stopped buying:

1) Makeup wipes or wet wipes: I Completely stopped buying Makeup wipes as they clog pores and also are really bad for the environment.

2) Dry shampoo: For me they did not work out. I thought rather than suffocating my scalp with a lot of dry shampoo to keep oil at bay, I would rather wash my hair and save me the itchyness.

3) Cuticle oil: Babe. I don't see a point in buying a cuticle oil or nail oil. Onwe can use any lotion/oil or vasaline. SO not waisitng my money.

4) Eyeshadow primer: If concealer and powder can do a good enough job, what to spend that extra coin?

5) Nailpaint: I use to buy nailpaints in bulk and now that I have so many, I have decided not to buy them anymore.

6) Random Beauty Services: I got nail extensions done 3-4 times and realised how I paid my money to spoil my nails and it was such a waste. So, not doing it nymore.

7) Brush Cleanser: Do not see the need of a separate product as a brush cleanse. one can use a shampoo and some olive oil. So not buying it.

8) Gimmicy Celebrity Collaborations: I have decided to not buy anything just because its a special collaboration of a brand with XYZ person/blogger/celebrity. Trying to save my coin.

9) Things In wrong Sizes: I use to buy things in completely wrong sizes in sale and thing that I will get them altered but sadly, they always sat in my closet collecting dust. So I have completely stopped doing it.

10) Randon Sale Shopping: I use to buy completely useless things in sale thinking I will use it in some way or the other, never ended up doing it so I decided to save my money on these things.

These these 10 things are not a part of my buying habits anymore.
DO let me know if these is something that you have stopped buying ?


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