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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What's In My BAG? Essentials for Travel


I just came back from Uttrakhand and though will show you what I carried in my handbag to ensure, safe travel in 2020.

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So here is what all I have in my Bag:

1) Phones- I always carry my two phones whevery I go. One is work and other is personal.

2) Mask- Its 2020, can you even tink about going out without a mask ?

3) Bamboo Comb- I love using my wide though bamboo comb. Its the best to detangle.

4) Woolen Headband- Its getting so chilly, I just has to resort to my super warm woollen headband.

5) Wallet- Always need a wallet.

6) Hand Cream- Hands get super dry and crusty so always carry one in my handbag.

7) Lip Balm- It's totally a winter must have.

8) Pack Of tissues- You gotta have one for emergency while on the road teip.

9) Sanitary Tisue- No matter wether I am on or about to get my period, I always carry a few ST's.

10) Perfume- You don't know how much you need it untill you back one.

11) Sanatiser- Totally a no brainer.

12) Hair Tie- I am sure every girl has a bunch in bag :)

13) Clutcher- Cant do without it.

14) Lip Cream- I always like to carry a natural-looking lip cream for a quick pick me up

15) House Keys- I better have it with me all the time :P

You can watch me talk about everything in the following video:

There are all the things I had stuffed in my little bag. After all, it better to be safe then sorry.

Hope you found the post helpful.

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