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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

5 Ways To Look Polished and Clean - Lazy Winter day

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well!
Winter is the time when most of us just don't want to roll out of bed. Getting ready and putting together a look is such a task. Here are 5 tips to look polished and put together on a lazy winter day.

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Please watch the video and keep reading:

1) Wear a high neck or a turtle neck-When you don't have he time to think bout outfit, slip in a nice fitted high neck or turtle neck. Its looks quite classy and its very easy to pair outfits around it.

2) Tie hair in a low bun- If you are getting late I am sure you don't have time for hair fixes so the best way to look elegant is by throwing hair in a nice low bun. It takes 2 minutes and looks FAB.

3) Do a quick makeup look- For a quick makeup look, do what you are comfortable with. Only use products that you know you love and are easy to work with.

4) Pop on a pair of hoops and watch- For quickly elevating the look, add a pair of hoops and a watch.

5) Shades are you best friend- Shades have this glam to them. Add a pair of shades to the look for a quick style quotient. They add that extra fashionable element to the outfit.

These quick tips to look elegant will make sure you look great and put together on a lazy winter day.

Hope these quick lazy girl fashion tips were useful.


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