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Monday, January 4, 2021

GK1 M Block Shopping + TryOn Haul | Starting Rs 200

Hey Guys,

I love me some street shopping. It is so exciting to see all the latest trends being sold on the street shop. The thrill of bargaining gets me every single time.
While I was in Gk-1, M Block market eating and having a good time, I decided to do some winter street shopping.

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So, I have a love affair with M Block market. It has this amazing energy to it. Every single fashion trend that you see in magazines and on Instagram is being sold all over Gk.
I have to say, the quality of clothes in GK is the best as compared to any other flea market and the coast is also a little high compared to other places like Lajpath Nagar and Sarojni Nagar.

Watch the video below for full haul.

So as you just saw, I got 3 pairs of winter co-ords. All the three look so good and have to say are value for money.

If you live in Delhi or are travelling to Delhi then do visit Gk market, it is a great place to get the latest trends for a fraction of cost.
Hope you like my GK 1 M Block market haul.

See you soon with a new video and post.

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