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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Benefits of eating salad

Hi Guys,

With so many things happening around the world, a lot of us have started giving importance to health and self-care. One of the most important things is to eat healthy at least 80% of the time. A big part of which is eating salad. If you are not into salads then you have to read below to know everything about the benefits of eating salad.

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Boosts Immune System
The best way to boost your immune system and keep yourself free from diseases is by eating salads. Eating salads regularly is a great way to not only increase your vegetable intake but the antioxidants present in the salad also boost your immune system.

Helps you Sleep well
Having trouble while sleeping? Well, research suggests that if you consume salad on a regular basis, it not only keeps you healthy but also treats insomnia. Lettuce is loaded with a sleep-inducing substance called ‘lactucarium’, which has been used to treat insomnia. Try adding it to your daily diet.

Sharpens Eyesight
Yes, salads help sharpen your eyesight. Spinach, red lettuce and a few other veggies, are loaded with vitamin A carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein. These nutrients help in preventing your body against high-energy light that may have caused eye damage. Make sure you add it to your daily meal if you don’t want to be wearing spectacles all your life.

Lowers Calorie Count
Eating fried food and items full of sugar only increase the calorie count in your body. Eat salad and you will be surprised to see the number of calories reduced from your body. The catch is, you do not have to add dressings or fried ingredients in your salad. Add items that have great nutritional value and are beneficial for your body.

Adds Fibre to the Body
Well, your body does need a lot of fibre. Eating healthy foods helps the body in feeling energetic. Salads add fibre to the diet, this, in turn, reduces cholesterol and constipation to a great extent. High fiber salads eaten before a meal helps you in consuming higher calorie foods served afterwards.

Increases Vegetable Intake
The best way to increase the number of vegetables in your diet is by eating a wide variety of salads every day. If you consume plenty of raw vegetables, you will be benefited by the enzymes present in them. These enzymes help your body to absorb the nutrients found in the food. This in turn leads to better health.

Good For Digestion
Whenever you consume a hefty meal, you tend to feel super full and it is often accompanied by bloating. The best part about salads is that they do not cause bloating. Salads are definitely filling and keep your stomach full but they don’t make you feel lazy like you often do by every meal you take.

Sheds off the Extra Pounds
If you are looking for an easy way to make that waist go slimmer, you must eat salads every day. Salads are very low in calories and contain a lot of nutrients. So you can easily replace all the fatty foods and eat salads instead. You will see the difference in just a few weeks.

Strengthens Muscles
Our dear Popeye lived on Spinach. Salad greens and spinach contain nitrates that are responsible for boosting the production of the proteins in the muscles. It makes your muscles stronger and way more efficient. To have extra string muscles you definitely need to add salad greens to your meal.

Easy to Make
Aren't salad the easiest thing to make in the whole wide world? You don’t have to cook a full meal to eat salad. All you need to do is cut a variety of vegetables, boil a few of them and voilà your salad is ready. 

Now that you know all the benefits of eating salad, do eat salads, try and jazz them up if you fancy but do hog on it.
Stay healthy and be happy.


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