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Saturday, April 4, 2015

DIY Egg Skincare, Body care and Haircare Masks

Hey Everyone,

It's like a weird weather here in delhi, one moment it's sweaty like hell , other it feels chilly. This confusion really harms skin and hair. So let's try and take care before hair become static and skin cracks.
All you need us an egg to make DIY Face Mask , DIY Body Mask and Hair Mask .

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So as I said you just need egg, that's the hero of all the three packs and small little things that you I am pretty sure you already have . So let's get started.

These packs might be a little smelly but believe me if me being a vegetarian can stand it, then you totally can smile through it.

So try out Egg face Mask, Egg body pack and Egg Hair Pack for smooth Hair and Skin.


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