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Monday, May 11, 2015

Nutritious Dieting

Hey Everybody,

Today's topic is one which we all keep blabbering about with friends , family , basically every single soul on the earth. Yes, it's about Nutrition, Dieting and loosing weight. Well we all want to lose weight as quickly as possible , right! For his we end up crash dieting but the right way is to consult Nutritionists in Delhi.

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So with the revolution of the food culture and it becoming #foodporn, it's absolutely impossible to stay away from cheese dripping pizzas, those big fat burgers and the yummy-nummy sweets.After that full fledged feast, the weight gain is obvious.

Body gains weight and those extra pounds get on our head and then it brings the devil out of us.We try all the measures to lose those love handles and ultimately leads to hardcore dieting.Common now,you do that too. Me and my  friends tried,failed and ultimately ended up consulting specialists.

Do you know the bad effect of crash dieting on our body?
Crash dieting increases the risk of heart attacks. It can drop your blood pressure and lead to sodium depletion. Excessive dieting can also cause Arrhythmia and shortness of breath.

We have to understand that just reading off diet plans online and starving oneself will not help, what you need is experts' advice. A qualified Nutritionist is the one who can rescue you from this situation. They have the in depth knowledge of what your body needs and how to reduce weight the right way without disturbing the normal body functioning.

There are so many expert Nutritionists in Delhi, who will first understand your body, analyse and then plan your diet in such a way that you lose weight but don't end up harming your body.

It is very important to understand that starving yourself is not going to help you lose wight, you need a a balanced diet which has all the elements your body needs and cuts down on the extra calories which can be best prescribed by Dieticians in Delhi.

So don't stress out, take a deep breath and ask for expert help from Nutritionists and Dieticians. And no crash dieting.

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  1. Well said, it is very important to consult the specialist before starting the diet plan to avoid any health issues.

  2. You are right, nutritionists will lead us exactly! Nice post Pooja

  3. Always nice to share healthy and nutritious meals. Great post!

  4. Yes, crash dieting puts the body in to stress.

  5. I absolutely agree that hunger is not a way to lose weight! I think it is necessary in schools from an early age children to acquire knowledge about food, what food what substances, vitamins and minerals supplied to our body ... And of course Nutritionists know much about it and just be the most appropriate to define what is good for the individual
    Would you like to follow each other? I'd be so happy! :)

  6. Great post, Pooja. Thanks for sharing this with us))

  7. Buen post :) Te sigo la pista

  8. Great, it's so important thing!
    Greets, Nabil ;)

  9. such an interesting post dear!

  10. I agree! One shouldn't ever resort to crash dieting!

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