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Saturday, June 20, 2015

10 Foods to Help you Stay Hydrated in Summers

Hello People,

The weather forecast man is here, haha, I totally an turning into one. But can't help, heat here is literally killing. The sharp sun rays suck our energy and lead to de-hydration. So here are 10 Foods to Help you Stay Hydrated in Summers.

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These foods have very high level of water content. So let's get started:

1) Cantaloupe : It has big nutritional value and very few calories. I am a sucker for fruits and eat a few pieces of cantaloupe ever after every meal.

2) Broccoli : A lot of people totally hat it but do you know broccoli has potassium, vitamin A, C and boosts body's protective enzyme. Make it a part of your daily salad and keep hydrated.

3) Watermelon : Its totally full of water and richest source of lycopene which fights cancer.

4) Green Peppers : Green Peppers or  what we call as capsicums have very high water content , it's a great pre dinner snack.

5) Tomatoes : They make excellent hydration snack, sadly I don't like them but they are very helpful to beat the summer heat.

6) Iceberg : This is one of my fav , it's crunchy , is very rich in fiber and has a lot of water .

7) Cucumber : This veggie has the highest water content of any solid food. Eat it as a pet of salad , it's super refreshing.

8) Cauliflower : One if my fab veggies which is super healthy too. It has a lot of water , vitamins and helps lower cholesterol.

9) Starfruit : Not available easily Delhi but it's tangy flavour is just too good. In addition it is very healthy for summers.

10) Radish : It has a spicy crunchy flavour and is filled with antioxidants. I love to read radish parantha .

So there are some fruits and vegetables that you must eat during the summer months. They are great to maintain the all over health.
How these 10 Foods to Help you Stay Hydrated in Summers list was helpful for you.


  1. so useful! thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE that you shared this :) Most of what I eat lately are fruits and veggies. They really fill me up...more than meat or dairy ever did. And they make me feel amazing!

    Broccoli also has lots of protein. It's sooo good for you.

    xo Azu

  3. I love this post!!
    I love healthy food and this list is just awesome :)
    Thanks for shareing!

    xo TheLebasi

  4. Lovely, dear. Great. I have new post also, and will be hape if you see too:

  5. Thank you for the helpful post Pooja:)



  6. very useful tips, i always eat them and i love these!

  7. very useful post! love watermelon!

  8. interesting post :) great, xo babsi

  9. nice post and thank for useful information


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