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Friday, June 26, 2015

How to handle Humid Weather

Hello people,

Weather in Delhi has changed its mood but then suddenly decides to go back to its hot temple. Oh ya, we got some amazing showers but then the deadly sun comes back. It's getting so humid and it's the worst thing to deal with. So here are my 10 tips to deal with humid weather.

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1) Wear light weight , easy breezy clothes preferably pastel shades.

2) Keep a wet cloth in refrigerator and wrap it around your neck when you feel the need to be refreshed.

3) You need to stay twice as hydrated as you think you should be.

4) Always check weather in morning and then take plans. I check weather a day before and try not to go out in afternoons.

5) Wear sunscreen with broad spectrum and apply it frequently.

6) Try to make plans for going to mall rather than open markets, this will make sure that you spend most time in A/C

7) Always carry a drink with you .

8) Take frequent salt bath so that you can detox.

9) Always wear a body mist, they tend to stay better in humid weather.

10) Try to keep your hair tied in a ponytail or make a bun so that you don't sweat as much.

Keep these humid weather tips in mind and love life to the fullest.


  1. very nice post!

  2. Its burn baby burn over here too. Great tips still sleeping without the air-cond isn't possible.

  3. Interesting post, Pooja.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. So helpful, thank you Pooja - Have a huge weekend:)



  5. Love this type of posts and although we all know that stuff it's helpful to be reminded of them ;)


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