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Saturday, August 8, 2015

4G India- #GetAirtel4G

Hello Peeps,

With literally everything going the app way, all we need is good internet connection. Nobody got time for old school Internet for phone that takes a zillion minutes to open one page. Airtel has got free 4G Sim

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We all are always uploading pics on Instagram,writing our mind out on twitter and Facebook is just unavoidable , all this makes 4G necessary. Its a social media crazy world, can you live without uploading pics, well I can't, I have to be in touch , specially on Instagram, I am always uploading pics and replying to comments.And its super duper irritating when I can't be in touch, 3G is good but 4G is the best.

Guess what, Airtel is giving away free 4G Sim which will be delivered directly. All you have to do is that if you have 4G Phone then tweet using #GetAirtel4G
Isn't that a cool gift for all airtel users, fun fact ,I a royal Airtel user,have been using it for over 10 years. I can vouch for it, all my family uses Airtel, the services are totally unbeatable.

I have Airtel 3G and now its time to switch to 4G. Wondering if 3G is so good, how fast 4G will be.For all social media addicts like me its totally is blessing.
If you want a free 4G Sim then tweet using #GetAirtel4G , @AirtelIndia will reply back with a link where you can give details for Sim Delivery. The sim will be delivered on super duper fast speed and will reach you within 4 hours.

So get on to Twitter and get your free Airtel 4G Sim.


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