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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Hello People,

I sure do love the gorgeous rains and   Get wet when it pours down. But we might enjoy the rain water but our hair and skin are very badly affects. So here are my monsoon hair care tips.

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During monsoon hair get really dry and damaged so let's see how to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy during monsoon season:

1) Firstly try that your hair get get wet with rain water as it has acids.

2) Don't leave the hose with wet hair, I never go out with but in monsoon I take even more care as wet hair geys more dust.

3) Keep the scalp clean so that it doesn't itch .

4) Don't use a lot of hair products like sprays.

5) Oil your hair or use serums to keep them moisturised.

6) Hair styling in damp monsoon weather damage hair, so totally

7) Dont tie your hair tight as rain water might get trapped and make hair more frizzy and limp.

8) Always wash your hair immediately after you get wet in rain.

9) Best way to tie your hair is in a loose bun and side ponytail.

10) Lastly just make sure that you don't play with wet hair, it looks good on screen but girl, you don't want to trigger hair fall.

Just by following these simple and easy hair care tips for monsoon you can keep hair healthy in rainy days.

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  1. I don't have to deal with monsoon here in NY, but we do get a lot of hurricanes, so these are great tips!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. Nice dear, thanks for sharing! I didn't think of that, we do not have monsoon in Austria, but looks pretty serious!

    visit me soon on

  3. No monsoons here, but seems like great tips!

  4. Great tips and I didn't know that rain water is good for hair!

  5. Nice tips girl. I always avoided rain water on my hair. I guess I have to try a different approach :) Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Nice post and really helpful post

  8. These are very good tips, I follow few of them, will try out the others too

  9. These are the best tips. and to oil your hair I used herbal hair oil. It's natural herbs make my hair strong and shiny.

  10. Dry hair frequently brings about split finishes, which harm the hair totally. Managing your hair at regular intervals will get you freed of split closures, and you will feel that the development of your hair has likewise improved.

  11. Lasting straighteners that totally fix hair ought to consistently be managed by an expert. biotin shampoo and conditioner

  12. Remember, some regular shampoos additionally have solid concentrate. Normally, the producer delineates for us if the shampoo is sufficiently mellow to be utilize day by day. Hair growth shampoo for women

  13. Iron and Zinc help hair follicles to develop. Iron and additionally zinc inadequacy can prompt hair misfortune. scalp exfoliator

  14. Thanks for sharing these tips. To get strong hairs then Organic Bhringraj Oil is very useful and effective also.

  15. In this way, there is no motivation behind why men ought not set up a hair care schedule. Such a normal won't make them less masculine than they as of now are. Maquillaje

  16. Apply the warm oil on your scalp covering whole hair and back rub for few moments with your fingertips tenderly.
    Left it short-term and wash it off with a gentle cleanser on next morning. hair growth shampoo and conditioner


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