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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Health Benefits of Olives

Hello Ladies,

These days I am all about Olives. They are like my best buddies, no matter what I am eating, they always find a place for themselves. But happy part is olive obsession is rather good. Do you know olives have a lot of health benefits .
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So let's see how beneficial eating these little green / black olives are:

1) Olives control blood pressure.
2) Olives protect cell membranes against cancer.
3) Olives protect against ananeia
4) They are a great source of vitamin E
5) Olives control cholesterol.
6) They help in maintaining immune system.
7) Olives enhance fertility and reproductive system.
8) They are a source of dietary fiber.
9) Eating Olives improves appearance of wrinkles.
10) Eating Olives before meal reduces appetite by 20 % and this help facilitate weightloss .

Olives are not only yum and but super healthy too. They add a punch of flavor to food. To lead a healthy life , make olives a part of your daily diet.


  1. We also use olives in place of other oils, but not fully!

  2. I love olives too!

  3. Sono un toccasana per noi!

  4. Great tips and helpful post !! :)
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  5. I had no idea olives had so many health benefits!


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