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Friday, October 27, 2017

How to Take Care of Juttis


If you guys have been following my Indian Outfit posts then you might already know that I love juttis. Punjabi Juttis, printed juttis or embroidered juttis, I have an appetite for all. Here are a few tips on how to keep juttis clean.

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How To:

1) Wrap your Jutties in muslin cloth when not in use, muslin cloth helps in preserving shine &lustre of jutti.

2)To soften & polish the leather (if at all required) line your jutti with mustard oil and leave overnight.

3)Juttis with embroideries are recommended for dry clean only, while printed juttis are to wiped gently with damp cotton cloth and mild cleanser.

4) If at all exposed to moisture, please dry them in sun for 2-3 hours before putting them back.

So girls, rock your jutties all you want and keep jutties clean by following these simple steps. And Don't forget to check out LOve for Jutti to get your hands on some lovely pair of embroidered Juttis.


  1. Acchi tips hain, khyal rakhungi ) main jutties ko shape me rakhne k liye newspaper fold karke ander daal deti hu, shape bhi bani rahti hai aur moisture bhi soak kar leta hai )

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