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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Things I am thankful for in 2018

Alright, its 8th January already and finally I am getting around to reflection on 2018! Boy, what a year it was! Started off with a spark and ended with the blast! Ok, so lets started and list all the things I am thankful for in 2018.
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1. The year started with my family meeting my Husbands family for the first time and thankfully we everybody got along so very well! I am so thankful and relieved.

2. My mom and brother loved my choice and I could have asked for more.

3. Got proposed to in the most cutest way.

4. Got my hands on G7X Mark 2 (thank Anish for the proposal gift in place of the ring)

5. This year I got the opportunity to go on my first ever international trip and that too sponsored by Taiwan Tourism.

6. Checked off strawberry picking off my list.

7. Stayed at a palace (what a fun trip Raj Niwas was!)

8. Worked with my absolute favourite, my inspiration HUDA Beauty (thanks Nykaa for the opportunity)

9. Went on a trip with my two best friends Aanchal and Shreya together (what a dream it was)

10. After a lot of two and fro me and shreya travelled together after 15 years, still patting my back for it!

11. Got engaged in my dream ceremony to my dream man that we arranged together.

12. So thankful for all the support of my vendors who respected my work and gave me such amazing discounts to host my functions.

13. Managed to get into the habit of wearing my engagement ring without losing it!

14. We and future pati went crazy going on dates in our courtship.

15. Got my mumma her dream mandir. Yes, she had a dream of having a marble mandir for the house so I managed to her the same.

16. Spent Diwali with Daksh my brother after 3 years. Extremely thankful for this.

17. Me and mum got over the fear of visiting chandni chowk. PS: now we know every gali very well!

18. Got Anish into Kachori (he loves it now)

19. I and Anish went house hunting and found a really pretty house to start our life.

20. Saw my 93 years old Grandfather smile like never before. He danced on Dhol on my Mendhi and that moment I will never forget.

21. After months of Hard work, long hectic shopping days, wedding preps and crazy fights, me and Anish git married on 11th December and not only guests but we thoroughly enjoyed our own wedding!

22. Lastly, extremely thankful to 2018 for keeping my near and dear ones in good health and bring them joy.

2018 was the most important year of my life, it made me emotionally stronger, told me that I am capable of more, made me realise the value of my family a lot more and married me off.

Brought in 2019 with open arms and big smiles, A very Happy new year to you and yours from me and mine!


  1. Best wishes Pooja...keep doing wonderful things !!!

  2. Bahut bahut badhai aur blessings to you both 🤗🤗💐💐
    Bahut khushi hui , ab shaadi ki pics bhi jaldi share kijiye 😍😍
    Bhagwan ne jaisa 2018 aapke liye memorable banaya waisa har saal.aapke liye khushiyon bharey pal laaye 🤗🤗

  3. These are wonderful things...congratulations on your wedding xx


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