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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Banjara Market Haul: Shopping and Bargaining Tips

Hey Guys,

You saw me shopping at the Banjara Market, Gurgaon in the last video and today I am going to show you what all I got from there and also will be sharing my bargaining tips.

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So, check out the video below to what all I got and all the prices as well!

Tips to shop at Banjara market:

1) DO not go in the afternoon- I mean I am really good with all the summer heat generally but this market is sun facing and is not fun to sweat and inhale dust all that the same time. Also when you are street shopping, you want to be relaxed so try to avoid going in the afternoon, you might not enjoy the experience.

2) Wear Sports shoes- As the market is located on along the road which is under construction, there are piles and piles of mud. To go to a shop, you might have to climb up and down these dunes which are difficult in slippers so try and wear your sports shoes. Also, you will be walking a lot so they will keep you comfy.

3) Carry A Big Shopping- A lot of these sellers don't have any kind of bag to carry bought products. So make sure to carry a shopping bag so that you can fit at-least those little decoratives.

4) Bargain A LOT-  The only way you can get a good deal is to go out their and BARGAIN. I follow the policy of reducing 60% of the price and then adding 10% back so as to get the product on best price.

5) Always SHop from the Inner Lane- It's an L SHaped market. Always start with the inner lane. Sellers here are desperate to sell and often break the price as soon as you walk in.

6) Always check the product closely- As it's a flea market,  a lot of products have small and big defects. So do check everything closely before paying.

7)  Before purchasing, check a few more shops for the best deal as a lot of them have similar products- So no matter how much you are liking something, do not go over the budget to get something. A lot of the sellers have the exact same things, so go out there, explore and then make the purchase.

So here are tip and tricks to shop at The Banjara Market. Do check out my last Blog post Banjara Market Gurgaon Tour: Furniture Market Gurgaon for more details.


  1. Wow, kitni acchi shopping ki hai, 100% impressed 😍😍 mugs kitne cute hain , mushrooms 👌👌 lantern bhi matlab sabhi kuch lajawab hai
    Aap jab decorate kar lijiyega to plz house tour bhi jarur karwaiyega 😊😊

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